7 Ways Wood is Used in Modern Home Design

Today, we’re seeing wood used more and more to create pieces of dynamic style and function in modern home design. Both indoors and outdoors, beautiful types of wood are utilized for accent walls, ceilings, barn doors, and more. Here we list seven of our favorite ways wood is used in home design today.

Accent Walls

An accent wall can be a great way to add a little personality to your space – whether indoors or outdoors. It also can serve a functional purpose as well (like the one pictured below). This particular wall not only mounts the television, but it also adds warmth and depth to the room.

interior dining room

Project: Ridgehill Renovation

Accent walls aren’t just for the indoors. You can pair woods like Ipe with a neutral colored fence to create a statement piece. The contrast of rich tones and greenery showcased in the picture below creates a look of sophistication.

infinity pool and deck

Project: West Lake Hills Infinity Edge Pool & Decks

Pool Decks

We won’t say concrete pool decks are outdated, but a wood deck adds a level of style to your pool that concrete never could. Dare we say the color of the wood makes the water look even more blue and inviting? 

ipe deck with pool

Project: West Lake Hills Infinity Edge Pool & Decks

Ipe Deck with Infinity Pool

Project: West Lake Hills Infinity Edge Pool & Decks


Wood Panel Ceilings

When a wood accent wall won’t do the trick, an accent ceiling might be just what your room needs to have that modern feel. Add low hanging bulbs to create an even more current design. The combination of light-colored walls and flooring with the darker wood ceiling creates the perfect color combination.

Interior Dining Room with Wood Panel Ceiling

Project: West Lake Hills Infinity Edge Pool & Decks

Patio Cover

Project: Brushy Creek Patio Cover

Wood Columns

Columns have a gotten a bit of an update with the modern home. Instead of the traditional white column, we are seeing more and more demand for unpainted wood columns. They are a simple addition that gives the house a refined feel.

duckhorn-pass-wooden columns

Project: Duckhorn Pass Parade Home


If wood columns are simply not enough, you may consider adding a pergola. They not only provide shade on a sunny day but they also can add a stylistic element to any outdoor area. Not sure of the difference between arbors, pergolas, and patio covers? Check out our blog here.

duponts commons deck

Project: Dupont Commons Deck

Sliding Barn Doors

We love this new trend and how it adds an updated look to any room. There are so many different styles of this door that you can create – it all depends on the type of wood and hardware you choose. Use it to separate rooms as well as to hide your pantry, closet, or desk space.

Project: Ridgehill Renovation


We are such fans of using wood for siding (and soffits), we wrote an entire guide about it! Wood siding can transform the entire exterior of your home. The natural colors create a level of depth and interest that a new coat of paint could never achieve. You can choose from many types of wood to get the perfect look for your modern home.


Project: Lake Travis Treehouse

duckhorn pass siding

Project: Duckhorn Pass Parade Home

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