Celebrate National Barbecue Month with Kamado Joe

It’s our favorite time of year at Timbertown Austin – grilling season! In fact May is National Barbecue Month. If you want to beef up your grilling this spring and summer here are a few of our top suggestions.

Chicken Grilling

BBQ Tip #1 – Buy Local

Not only are you helping your neighborhood businesses, you’ll also be getting the freshest ingredients when you buy local meats and veggies. Visit one of the nearby farmer’s markets to get everything on your cooking list. During May the Pfluggerville Pfarmer’s Market is open right down the road from Timbertown Austin every Tuesday from 3-7pm at The Green Red Barn in Heritage Park.

BBQ Tip #2 – Join in on a Free Grilling Demo at Timbertown Austin

Want to learn how to make delicious meals straight from the grill? Then join Timbertown Austin for a free cooking demo! The last Friday of each month we’ll be showing visitors how to make the most of their Kamado Joe grill. We’ll cook up delicious eats, share our favorite grilling tips, provide recipes and answer any questions you may have about using a Kamado Joe grill. Give us a call for more information about the next demo:

Timbertown Austin

15607 Grand Street
Texas 78660

Phone: 512-528-8112
Email: sales@timbertownusa.com

Hours of Operation
Monday to Friday / 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Saturday / 8:00 AM – Noon

BBQ Tip #3 – Upgrade Your Grilling

Has your current grill seen better days? Do you wish you could do more than just grill? Want to have better control over your outdoor cooking? If you answered yes to any of those questions it may be time to upgrade your grilling equipment. Kamado Joe is our grill of choice because it allows cooks to really expand the possibilities. You can cook an entire meal to perfection without using any other piece of equipment.

What’s New for Kamado Joe This Grilling Season

Every year Kamado Joe strives to provide even more innovative grilling apparatuses and accessories for barbecuing aficionados. This season there are six types of Kamado Joe grills to choose from:

  • Classic 18”
  • BigJoe 24”
  • Jr Joe – Brand NEW for 2014!
  • Stand Alones
  • ProJoe 24.5”
  • Combos – Kamado Joe with a second gas grill

One of the biggest announcements so far this year is the new Divide and Conquer Flexible Cooking System. All of the current Kamado ClassicJoe and BigJoe models will come equipped with the system. It starts with a main rack that sits right over the coals. Heat reflectors are placed low in the grill to provide indirect heat and keep food from getting burned. The accessory rack hooks into the main rack and sits just above the deflector. Finally the grill racks sit on top providing a perfect surface for slow roasting, baking and smoking. You can also use just one half of the heat reflector to create two zone cooking options for simultaneous low and high heat cooking.

There are also now five types of Kamado Joe Wood Chunks and Chips as well as an entire line of Kamado Joe Gourmet Rubs and Seasonings. It’s everything you need to get cooking during National Barbecue Month!

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