Composite Decking Offers Durability And Beauty All In One Package:

When looking to build a deck for your home it is very important that you are well educated in the type of decking that you choose to build with. This is especially important if you are looking to build with any type of composite decking.

Composite decking is a great alternative to a natural wood for several reasons. It is very durable and beautiful. It looks like real hardwood and has a variety of different looks and textures you can choose from. It is almost always made of recycled plastic and wood fiber. Composite decking is made to withstand many different weather related and environmental problems such as: rotting, splintering, splitting and termite damage.

Composite Decking

The great thing about composite decking is it requires very little to no maintenance, unlike hardwood, which require sanding, staining and sealing on a regular basis. It is also different from hardwood in the fact that hardwood is susceptible to warping, fading, splitting, beetle and other insect damage.

There are a lot of different options to choose from when looking at composite decking. With over 100 different types of composite decking on the market you will have a variety of looks and textures to choose from. Most all composite decking is sold with a warranty to protect the consumer. You will need to check with the manufacturer to find out what warranty is available for the product you choose.

Each specific kind of decking is available in a variety of colors and textures, with different ways of hidden fastening systems to give it a realistic look. This decking is manufactured from a composite of plastic and wood fiber, making it as strong as some hardwoods. It is made by using a compression molding process. This process allows for a realistic wood grain and texture. It is also very easy to install.

With over 100 different choices in this kind of decking it is important that there be certain guidelines that the manufacturers adhere to. This protects the consumer and the company. By law composite decking is required to pass a variety of tests. An Evaluation Service Report is required by most local building departments before an installment of this decking is done. This kind of decking must also pass the ASTM test. This test consists of: modulus of elasticity and rupture, accelerated weathering, hardness, moisture absorption, flexure and allowable deflections, abrasion resistance, nail and screw withdraw, thermal expansion and shear, compression and tension.

So when looking at the many different composite decking options out there, be sure to be educated in the type of composite decking you choose. Call the manufacturers and ask lots of questions. Get in touch with the local building department and make sure that the specific decking you have chosen adheres to the guidelines put in place by the Evaluation Service Report and the ASTM testing. This will help you make the appropriate choices for your home’s deck.

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