Creating a Backyard Shed, Part 1, Materials List – Project

Tired of replacing your lawnmower every couple of years? Are your backyard tools so rusty they look like they’ve been excavated from an ancient Mayan civilization dig? Do you have bags of fertilizer, garden insect spray and other outdoor chemicals for your garden piled-up in a corner of your kitchen?

Maybe it’s time to consider a backyard shed.

Of course you could purchase one for a thousand bucks or more, but you’re still going to have to assemble it when you get it home. Why not take the DIY plunge and build one? In the next three blog posts we’ll go through chapter and verse of how to do it.

Hammering it Together Can Wait.

First you’re going to need to get all the supplies you’ll need. We’ll get into where what goes in the upcoming days. Besides, picking-up the stuff will take a couple of hours. So get ready to print out this lumber and materials list. That way you’ll have everything on hand when you get-off the dime and actually begin construction. We’d like to give special thanks to Popular Mechanics for helping us present this project to you.

Buy This

Popular Mechanics has made it easy. These are the exact materials you’ll need for this project:


Now for the shopping list. These other things are what Popular Mechanics recommends for this future backyard shed:


Tune in next time — after you bring home all the materials and other stuff you’ll need to get it together. We’ll also have an illustration of what it looks like when you’re finished. No sweat, though. We’ll walk you through the assembly process.

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