Creating Storage Spaces on Your Deck

When it comes to storage you can never have enough space. Sure your closets, attic and garage probably seem like the best places to squirrel most of your stuff away, but if you’re building a deck you have additional opportunities for creating storage space.

Hidden Storage Hatch Beneath the Decking

You’ve probably seen a movie where a character discovers a hidden door in the floor. You can use this same concept to create an additional storage space on your deck as long as it’s at least a foot or two off the ground. Cut out an area in the decking that will be used for the hinged lid of the hatch. Next get a storage basket or bin that is roughly the same size as the cut out and fasten it to the sides of the deck underneath the opening. Add the hinges to the cut out and you’ve made yourself a storage nook.

Hardwood Deck with Hidden Storage

This type of storage space could be particularly useful near an outdoor kitchen or hot tub where specialized tools need to be handy.

Sliding Stair Storage

This is a trick we’ve seen used in homes that can also be tried outside. Imagine using your stairs like dresser drawers. Instead of being hollow, each kickboard can be pulled open and used for storage.

Outdoor Storage Boxes

Today there are lots of accessories that you can get for your deck to add to its appearance and functionality. Outdoor storage boxes are at the top of that list. There are plenty of options at your local home goods store, or you can build your own built-in storage box for a look that blends seamlessly with the rest of your deck. The TimberTown Austin How to Build a Built In Cooler tutorial can show you how – just skip the first part about building the liner.

Seating Storage

Built in seating can easily double as storage space with a few tweaks to the design. You can opt to put a hinged lid on top that can be opened to reveal an enclosed storage space. Another option is to leave open space underneath bench seating that’s built into the side of a deck so you can easily slide things out of the way.

Underspace Storage

Storage Space Underneath Upper Decks

Depending on your deck design you may have a fair amount of empty space under the decking that isn’t being used. For decks that are four or more feet off the ground this area is a storage gold mine for things like bikes, canoes, gardening tools and even cars.

The key here is easy accessibility and not letting what’s under the deck distract from its beauty. Latticework is an inexpensive way to conceal the area under the deck.

Got a few storage tricks of your own? We’re all ears! Let us know your ideas on the TimberTown Austin Facebook page and don’t forget to check out our photos on Pinterest.

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