Often overlooked by those seeking the more popular exotic hardwoods, like ipe and tigerwood, cumaru is an excellent alternative to pricier hardwood products. Harvested primarily in Brazil, cumaru has nearly the same look and strength of ipe, the most popular exotic hardwood. In other words, cumaru could be the best kept secret in decking materials.


Cumaru is right behind ipe when it comes to strength and density. Using the Janka Hardness Test, we see that cumaru is ten times harder than cedar and around 7 times hard than redwood and southern yellow pine. Unlike its distant cousin ipe, cumaru has a more modest price that fits in almost any budget. The similarities in look and strength with the popular ipe make cumaru a natural choice for the savvy, budget-conscious consumer.

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You don't just buy cumaru for the look, you buy it for its long life. But, installing a deck or outdoor project with such a tough product can be tricky. We recommend pre-drilling pilot holes and using a carbide-tipped blade to make your cuts. If you want to keep the wood grain looking like new, you can apply an UV inhibiting oil once a year. Whatever you need for the perfect project, we've got you covered!

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Cumaru is able to stand up to almost anything the environment throws at it. Not only is this product naturally resistant to mold, insects, and rot, cumaru is one of the few hardwoods considered to be flame resistant due to its density. That makes cumaru one of the strongest and safest decking materials on the market. So pile on the extra outdoor furniture, fire up your grill, and be confident you chose a product that will last for generations to come.

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Also called Brazilian teak, our cumaru is supplied by managed forests in Brazil and South America. Partnered with Overseas Hardwoods Company (OHC), TimberTown sends a hardwoods buyer to Brazil annually to inspect the mills and forests all our hardwoods are coming from. This ensures we have the highest quality product harvested from a sustainable forest. As one of the few exotic hardwood suppliers who purchases directly from the source, we can stand behind our product with confidence.