Dress Up Your Steps

The steps of your deck are one of the most utilized features of your outdoor space. Why not dress them up so they’re just as beautiful as they are functional?

There are plenty of ways to add to the visual appeal of your steps. In this post we’ll go over some of our favorite ideas.

Play with the Layout

When it comes to outdoor living spaces you aren’t as confined to traditional layouts like you are in your home. You have room to play with the design.

Staircase leading upto House

Why not give them more of a box look or make them another shape? Or have them weave their way down instead of going in a straight line?

Stain Steps Different Colors

Instead of going with a single deck stain color alternate hues between steps. This will break up the monotony of the decking without it looking too mismatched. If you don’t want to go bold by staining the top of each step a different color, then just stain the backboard one color and the tops of steps another.

Illuminate Your Deck Steps

We briefly discussed lighting options for your steps in our post about setting the right mood with lighting all around your deck. Lighting is not only a great safety feature it’s also a way to showcase your steps when the sun goes down.

Lights on Staircase

The possibilities are virtually endless – track lighting, colored lighting, programmable LED lighting, spot lighting. The list goes on and on.

Split Staircase Designs

There’s nothing more grand than a split staircase. If you’re in the process of designing your deck consider going the extra mile with a split staircase design. It will add a serious dose of visual interest.

Add Some Greenery

The railing of stairs makes for a great place to weave in some greenery. You can also line the stairs with potted plants or build them right into the staircase to really bring your deck steps to life.

Add an Unusual Railing

Speaking of railings. If you’re looking to give your deck a facelift or if it’s time to replace an old railing, consider adding something a little more unusual to dress the steps up a bit. Metal and glass are popular railing options these days that will up the wow factor of your steps. You can even get tempered glass panels with etched in designs and LED lighting for a beautiful nighttime display.

Round Them Out

Squared off steps are what everyone expects to see on a staircase. Opting for rounded steps instead will automatically make steps stand out.

If you’ve found a unique way to dress up your dress steps share it with the rest of your fellow deck dwellers in the comments section or on our TImberTown Austin Facebook page.

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