FAQ About Azek Decking

Last time around, we told you about a new product that we at Timbertown Austin are pretty excited about. Called AZEK Decking, Easy to install. Durable. None of the issues that you'd encounter with a moderately stable wood like cedar. And it looks pretty sweet after it's been added to your outdoor living space.

Let's Get Down to the Nitty (Non) Gritty

azek deck

We mentioned before that an AZEK Deck is pretty low maintenance. If you do decide to add some luster and give it a cleaning, just make sure you don't use anything with any grit in it. Going too-abrasive can dull the surface. We found that you can use these products to give it a light once-over:

  • Any-surface deck cleaner.
  • Most all-purpose cleaners.
  • We like Simple Green.
  • And we've found that Krud Kutter Cleaner/Degreaser works really well, too.

Whatever you decide, follow the directions to a "T." If you think it might present a problem, go to an area that no one sees and test it out.

Throughout the years, like any decking material, you may encounter a stubborn stain. We've been assured that AZEK is scuff proof. But if you encounter an issue, here are two products to check into:

  • Red Max Pro Degreaser
  • Krud Kutter Cleaner/Degreaser

When slapping on any degreaser, apply it. Give it a few moments to work its magic. Should fix things up with a wet cloth.

Go lightly, but if you have to use anything like a Scotch Brite-type pad, be ginger. Really stubborn mark? You may have to repeat the process. A slight warning: Keep your pets and kids away from the deck until everything dries-up.

Weathering and AZEK Decking Material

It all depends on the environmental conditions. AZEK is like any other material. The hue will slightly fade over the years. What causes the weathering are things like heat, time, moisture and sunlight.

One question we've gotten at Timbertown Austin whether you can use AZEK Adhesive or caulk. It's not recommended. Matter of fact PVC glue can do a number on the surface

What About Mold?

It depends. We know it will grow on the surface, but it won't penetrate the material. Getting any problems like that is a casual reminder that it might be time to give the deck a good cleaning.

And if you're worried about installing AZEK near water, let it go. The material utterly resists moisture.

Because it's so strong, you can power wash AZEK decking. Just keep the pressure under 1200 PSI. People with industrial strength power washers should tone it down on all products. The most power you'll ever need is 1600 PSI tops. Just a tip for those first-timers out there.

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