Folded Wooden Chairs – Great Indoors Better Outdoors

Why Ipe? Focus on Chairs

Simply, it’s practically the hardest wood in the world. An accidentally dropped glass of your favorite beverage on any of your outdoor (or indoor) ipe-based furniture won’t leave a bruise.

Deck on the Water

If you’re seeking stylish seating for any party or get-together this summer, look no further than our sleek, elegant folding chairs. These guys were built for comfort—the curved seat and back are ideal for reclining, and the unique reverse-folding feature enhances overall stability. They are naturally resistant to decay and insects, making them ideal for outdoor use. Additionally, ipe’s rich color, fine grain and smooth finish complement bunches of other deck furnishings.

Convenient, Too Boot

Handsome, solid and easy to set up, our folding chairs are perfect for when you and your guests want to relax in the great outdoors. When not in use, the chairs fold down to a narrow profile that allows for easy nesting and storage. Depending on your preference, this style of chair also comes with arms.

The sleek and elegant folding chairs by Everlasing Hardwoods help you and your guests relax in style at outdoor gatherings. Look at these features when you purchase an ipe folding chair with armrests:

  • Curved seat and back lends it to easy reclining.
  • Convenient reverse-fold feature guarantees stable seating.
  • Remains like-new with a minimal amount of maintenance.
  • Folds down to a narrow profile that allows for easy nesting and storage.


Don’t want arms on your folding chairs. Fear not, we’ve got plenty of these handsome, solid and easy to set up folding chairs without arms.

Whether your guests are coming over for your annual BBQ blast or a 4th of July party, you can add a touch of class to every event.

Even for your buds that have a wide girth, ipe is sturdy, durable and fashionable.

Given all that ipe has to offer, why throw down some hard-earned cash on plastic, embarrassing stuff that breaks after a few years? You can have something that will literally last a lifetime. Maybe two, if you treat it right!

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