Garden Week Part 2 – Designing a Garden Kitchen

Now that you’re growing food in your garden why not cook outdoors more? It’s easier to add a garden kitchen than you might think. Here’s how!

Outdoor Grilling Space

Outdoor Cooking Options

The biggest aspect of the outdoor kitchen is the cooking elements. Know how you want to use the kitchen and what you like to cook the most to decide which cooking apparatus will provide the most options.

Kamado Joe Grills

Kamado Joe offers superior outdoor cooking due to the innovative construction of their grills. The ceramic structure allows for grilling, searing and smoking all in one. The precise temperature control is one feature that separates Kamado Joe grills from other options and allows outdoor chefs to cook to perfection. It’s also got a solid, sturdy design and comes with tons of accessories to further expand your ability to whip up meals outside.

Outdoor Oven

If you cook pizzas, roasts and baked goods as much as bar-be-que you may want to consider adding an outdoor oven. Bonus: they can also double as a heat source and act as a decorative focal point. Just be careful to build the oven at the edge of the patio where people are less likely to come in contact with it.


Sautee up some veggies or make it a stir fry night with an outdoor wok.

Miniature Fridge

Just like in your home, a fridge is an important part of the cooking process. It’s much more convenient to be able to store cold items right next to the grill so they’re ready to go when you need them.

Selecting Counter Space

One of the other advantages of Kamado Joe grills is that they have folding bamboo shelves that can be used as a countertop for food serving and preparation. The counter space should expand out from the grill providing enough space for at least a few plates of food and cooking utensils. You may also want to consider adding a kitchen island for additional counter space plus storage.

Add a Shady Spot to Enjoy the Eats

Comfort is a big part of enjoyment while you eat. No one wants to be baking in the sun while they cook or chomp on bar-b-que. Adding shade is a quick way to improve the outdoor cooking experience all around. There are lots of methods for making a shady spot:

  • Make it easy with a strategically placed umbrella or overhead canvas.
  • Make it permanent with a pergola or arbor that arches over the grill and seating area.
  • Make it natural with vines and other greenery. Try a fast growing vine that’s not invasive like Clematis or grape vines.

Outdoor Extras and Entertainment

Want to create the ultimate outdoor kitchen? Now that we’ve covered the basics here are a few things to consider adding to up the functionality and entertainment factor.

  • Faucet and sink – Prepping and cleaning is a lot easier when you have a water source right next to the cooking station.
  • Storage – Being able be store things outside instead of dragging things in and out will making outdoor cooking much more convenient.
  • Ice maker – Keep your cooler tucked away for travel and use an icemaker instead when you need to make drinks.
  • Television – Don’t miss a second of your favorite show or a live sporting event even when you’re having dinner outside.


If you’d like some advice on adding a garden kitchen or are interested in learning more about Kamado Joe grills give us a call at Timbertown Austin.

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