Get Outdoor Cooking Appliances for Less During the Cooler Months

For bigger buys, like appliances, consumers can save big bucks by purchasing at the right time of the year. When it comes to outdoor cooking appliances there’s no better time to buy than during the fall and winter months.

Here in Texas we often get more temperate weather during the fall than other parts of the country. Heck, with milder temperatures, you may even enjoy cooking over a hot grill in the fall more than turning burgers in the blazing hot summer. This month it’s time to get cooking and start saving.

Why October is a Good Time to Buy a Grill

The undisputed epitome of outdoor cooking appliances is the grill. During the optimal grilling seasons of spring and summer you’ll see shiny new grills lined up outside of home improvement stores just begging to be fired up. When the temps are up so is the price tag.

Red Grill

In October, as things are beginning to cool off and spring isn’t going to roll around for months, those same grills are taking up valuable real estate that stores would rather use to display more seasonally appropriate merchandise. They want to get grills out the door and don’t mind discounting them to do so.

The old supply versus demand equation comes into play as well, working in your favor. Savvy shoppers know that there won’t be as many people in the market for a grill, yet businesses want to push their entire inventory before the new models begin rolling in. This puts you in the position to get an enviable deal on a brand new grill.

Why October is a Good Time to Buy Appliances

Outdoor cooking isn’t solely up to the grill. Complete outdoor kitchens also include refrigerators, freezers, hibachis and more. Fall is when the models for the current year start going on sale, because the new models are beginning to be unveiled.

November is also a great time to buy appliances, because the selection may include more high-end items than in October. However, for small appliances like a mini fridge you may want to hold off until January, which is another great time to buy those items.

A few more things you may want to put on your October shopping list are cookware and patio furniture. Cookware sales are getting underway before the holiday season goes into full swing. Patio furniture is also deeply discounted during the month before they disappear from the floor for good.

When you fix up your outdoor cooking and eating areas during the fall you’ll get to enjoy affordable items all year long.

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