Getting Your Kids Involved in Home Improvement Projects

Family Building Project

When you have kids home improvement projects can be a little more complicated. Keeping an eye on them while staying focused on your project is easier said than done. One way to work around the conundrum is to get your kids involved alongside you.

The benefits of including your kids in the home improvements are huge:

  • They learn new skills
  • They have a better appreciation for the home they live in
  • They can take pride in accomplishing the project
  • They spend quality time with parents

It all starts by planning the project out together.

Make Them Your Assistant from Planning to Completion

Ease your kids into the home improvement process by getting them involved from the initial planning phases. Older kids that are tech savvy could even give you some good ideas for apps and programs that can help you plot everything out.

  • Sit down together and draw up ideas for how you want the finished product to look and the purpose you want it to serve.
  • Make a list of everything you’ll need to get the job done.
  • Now hit the hardware store and lumberyard together. Let them help to pick out the materials for the project. Having a say in the decision-making will keep them invested in seeing everything through to completion.
  • If you’re not getting started right away, plan out a time that the two (or three) of you can work on completing the project together. Factor in additional time for training and supervision. Even though you’ll have a little helper, it will likely slow things down rather than speed things up.
  • Before you begin go over safety in detail. Repeatedly stress the dangers of construction equipment and that tools aren’t toys. Show them the more dangerous pieces of equipment like saws, but make it clear they aren’t to touch them, let alone fire them up. Also take time to go over safety equipment, and how to properly use it.
  • Always give them a demonstration first, then give them a try. Getting it right the first time is going to be rare, so keep their spirits high with lots of encouragement. Deciding on which tools to let them use will depend on their age and comfort level. Start with the easiest, safest tools and go from there. If they are ten years old or younger, consider getting them their own set of kid-sized tools.
  • Don’t forget to give them some fun tasks, like taking pictures of the progress you’ve made, or even posting updates on their social accounts.

5 Kid-Friendly Home Improvement Projects

Now that you’ve got a plan for involving your kids in the home improvement, all that’s left is to pick out a project or two that you can do together. Here are a few suggestions that will work for kids of all ages.

Building Planter Boxes

Planter boxes are super easy landscaping projects that can be built within an hour, especially if you buy a kit with pre-cut, pre-drilled wood.

Painting Projects

Whether it’s fixing up old furniture or painting a new addition, kids are all about painting. Just make sure to use low or no-VOC paint, which is lower in toxins.

Making a Compost Bin

Putting together a compost bin is not only an easy project, it’s also an opportunity to teach your kids about the importance of reducing waste and gaining an understanding about environmental science.

Laying Down Pavers

This project requires very few tools, which makes it very kid friendly. You can get creative with it by making your own personalized pavers. All you need is some ready-mix concrete and forms to create designs in the pavers.

Putting Up a Trellis

Trellises are an easy way to add privacy and additional landscaping to your yard. Your child is guaranteed to have fun picking out a plant that will grow up and around the trellis you build together.

Have you recently completed a home improvement project with the help of your kids? We’d love to hear about the project and what your kid thought of the experience. Share your stories on the Timbertown Facebook page.


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