Green Harvesting Procedures Mean You Can Build Your Deck With Confidence

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Are you the type of person that is environmentally aware of the things that you do? Do you want to make sure that you are not harming nature or the planet when choosing to build things in and around your home? Would you love to build a deck onto your home, but are unsure as to how to go about choosing a hardwood decking material that comes from a sustainable resource, so as to not deplete the forests of our planet? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions and live in the Austin, Texas area then you will want to talk to the very knowledgeable employees at Timbertown Austin. The staff members here are very friendly and know their hardwood decking material.

Timebrtown Austin specializes in tropical hardwood decking. The great thing about tropical hardwood decking such as Ipe, Garapa and Tigerwood is that this hardwood decking has been known to last 20-50 years or more. Tropical decking options are great because they resist the problems that softer woods are known for. Also, if left to weather naturally, it will turn a beautiful weathered gray. By leaving your tropical decking material to weather naturally you will have no need to seal or treat your deck. This means very little to no maintenance other than the occasional spot cleaning and power wash.

When looking to purchase a tropical hardwood, you want to make sure that it is really coming from a sustainable source. There are great agencies set up that will allow you to be sure you are not only purchasing your hardwood decking material from a reputable dealer, but that you can be 100% sure that you are truly purchasing hardwood that is certified from the source. Timbertown Austin is firmly committed to buying hardwoods from suppliers who meet and exceed state, federal and international laws governing sustainability and the legal trade of wood products. Therefore, Timbertown Austin certifies our hardwoods meet the requirements of proper chain of custody as defined by the governing bodies in the country of origin as detailed in the Lacey Act.

Buy your tropical hardwood products from a supplier you know you can trust. With all of the bad publicity that lumber suppliers and logging companies have received in the last few years, it’s time that suppliers began practicing co-friendly logging techniques. That’s why Timbertown Austin proudly purchases exotic hardwood products from companies that follow regulations and seek to improve the methods used for harvesting timber products.

Come by Timbertown Austin’s Pflugerville location today, and see why we are Austin’s top supplier of exotic hardwood products. From Ipe to Tigerwood, we carry all types of exotic decking and we proudly supply our clients with products that were harvested in an eco-friendly manner.

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