How To Choose The Best Wood For Your Arbor:

When looking to build an outdoor arbor or pergola there are several different things you must keep in mind. You want to make sure that the hardwood you choose is meant to stand the weather and outdoor pests, such as beetles and other bugs. You will want to be sure that when selecting your choice from the many hardwoods available, you select the best one for the climate you live in. You will also want to choose a hardwood that is visibly appealing to the eye as well. Here are some great examples of wood choices that will be durable, long lasting, weather and pest resistant arbors and pergolas.

Ipe is a great hardwood choice. Coming from the Brazilian rainforest, this wood has been noted for being as hard as nails. Ipe is a very dense wood and the recommendation is that it is predrilled for screws and nails. The strength of Ipe hardwood has been compared to that of steel, and it is undoubtedly one of the strongest hardwoods available Most Ipe wood has a 25 year or more warranty. This is an eco-friendly natural wood and is weather, mold and pest resistant.

Garapa Hardwood Floors

Garapa is another high density wood. Garapa hardwood originated in Brazil and is also known as the Brazilian Ash. This is a very beautiful and durable wood. The color of this wood is a gorgeous golden brown. Offering a warm and inviting look, the Garapa wood will slightly darken over time and if left to naturally weather it will take on a silvery look, similar to that of the Ipe wood.

Tigerwood Decking

Tigerwood is a beautifully exotic hardwood that is native to Brazil. Tigerwood has a very unique and variegated pattern. It features a red orange background with a dark brown to black stripping. The striping ranges from very thin to very bold lines. It is recommended that the Tigerwood is predrilled, as it is a very dense wood, much like other exotic hardwoods. If Tigerwood is left to weather naturally it will gradually become darker over time. Tigerwood wears well naturally and is very smooth and splinter free.

As you can see, there are many different hardwoods to choose from; with some hardwoods appearing very exotic in appearance, and others appearing more similar to that of a maple or mahogany. No matter what look is being achieved the most important things to keep in mind are durability and a resistance to weather and other outdoor hazards. Hardwoods are known for their ability to weather the elements, however, even the toughest hardwoods do require some regular preventive maintenance.

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