Keep the Football Season Grill Outs Going With Kamado Joe!

Despite the numerous warm weather holidays, summer takes a backseat to fall when it comes to grilling out. If you don’t believe it just hang you head outside on any afternoon when a college or professional football game is underway. Grilling and football go hand-in-hand. That’s why we’ve decided it’s the perfect time to offer a Fall special on our Kamado Joe Smoker & Grill Kit.

Red Grill

Get Special Pricing on the Kamado Joe Smoker & Grill With Accessories

The kit that we’re offering during the fall special has everything you need to impress your guests with a full menu of foods. From smoked meats to grilled veggies you can do it all with a Kamado Joe grill.

The kit includes:

  • Kamado Joe Smoker & Grill
  • 100% Natural Charcoal from Kamado Joe
  • Pizza Stone
  • Kamado Joe Heat Reflector
  • Kamado Joe Fire Starters

About Kamado Joe Products

Kamado Joe has quickly become one of the biggest names in outdoor cooking. Using an innovative ceramic enclosure, these grills are better insulated allowing them to cook foods at lower temperatures for longer periods of time. Unlike traditional grills that only offer one way of cooking, Kamado Joe grills are capable of grilling, searing and smoking.

Grill Accessories

ClassicJoe – This 18” smoker/grill combo that made Kamado Joe a household name.

Stand Alone 18” – Just like the ClassicJoe except without the stand and fold out shelves. This Kamado is easy to transport making it perfect for tailgating.

BigJoe – At 24” this is a mega grill capable of cooking for the entire family and then some.

ProJoe – At 24.5” this is Kamado Joe’s biggest grill, but that’s not the only thing that makes it stand out among their other top-notch grills. The ProJoe also has a higher temperature and more precise cooking controls all in a stylish stainless steel casing.

Combo Joe – The Combo Joe is a cooking unit that offers gas grilling as well as a Kamado Joe ceramic grill.

Kamado Joe 100% Natural Charcoal

If you want charcoal that burns cleaner and hotter yet lasts longer then you’ll enjoy cooking with Kamado Joe 100% Natural Charcoal. At lower temperatures you can cook with this charcoal for up to 12 hours and the end result will be a BBQ flavor that’s not overpowering.

Pizza Stone

Expand your outdoor cooking to include Italian fare with the Kamado Joe Pizza Stone. The pizza stone helps to distribute heat evenly across the crust and pulls moisture away so it comes out crispy and perfectly cooked. But don’t stop at pizza –the stone can also be used like a baking sheet to make cookies, breads, appetizers and more.

The Kamado Joe Heat Reflector

The Kamado Joe Heat Reflector gives you even more cooking options than before. Using this accessory you can harness indirect heat to roast, bake and smoke foods. The heat reflector can be used in three different configurations for precise food preparation.

Kamado Joe Fire Starters

Getting the grill going shouldn’t be a struggle. The Kamado Joe Fire Starter Cubes will not affect the flavor of your food, but they will get you cooking quicker. Capable of burning for up to 12 minutes, you’ll have plenty of time to get the coals fired up

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