Last Minute Gift Ideas to Make it a Merry Christmas for Your Woodsman

Sometimes no matter how well you plan a few gifts on your Christmas list slip through the cracks. If someone on your list is a woodworker than we’re about to make your search for the perfect last minute gift a little easier.

Christmas Wood

Here’s a look at gift suggestions for the wood enthusiast in your life.

Wooden Home Décor

Who doesn’t like a little wood grain in their interior décor? With these gifts the great outdoors becomes indoor works of art.

Wooden Wall Art – Wood doesn’t have to be resigned to just the frame. From 3D relief works to flat slabs with designs etched in wood lends itself well when it comes to wall art.

Wood Christmas

Salt and Pepper Shakers – Dress up your table setting with a pair of salt and pepper shakers that are anything but run-of-the-mill. There are tons of designs out there to choose from, but we like those that cleverly use dark wood for the pepper and light wood for the salt.

Coasters – When you think about wood’s characteristics it’s a natural choice for coasters. It absorbs moisture well, will keep drinks cool and looks great. Look for options that use reclaimed wood if you’re shopping for Eco-conscious consumers.

Tools for Woodworkers

Oscillating Contour Sanding Kits – One of the most tedious woodworking jobs is sanding. If your woodworker already has an oscillating tool a contour sanding kit can turn them into a sanding machine.

Wood Carving Chisel Set – Whittling away is a time old tradition for woodworkers of all levels. A wood carving chisel set is an inexpensive gift that will supply hours of entertainment.

Moisture Meter – For the woodworker that’s about being exact and already has all the basics covered a moisture meter will be a great addition to their tool collection. This handy little electronic device will give you an exact moisture content level, which has a huge bearing on the success of many projects.

Wood Gifts for Ladies

When you think woodworker most of the time a guy comes to mind, but ladies can appreciate this versatile, natural resource just as much. Whether she actually builds as a hobby or just loves the look of wood, below are a few feminine gift ideas.

Wood Cuff Bracelets – Whether it’s a chunky bangle or an intricate, woven design a cuff bracelet is as timeless as the wood itself.

Wooden Martini Glasses – Ladies night in will have a little extra wow-factor with wooden martini glasses like the ones made by David Rasmussen.

Wooden Clutch or Purse – Step aside leather, there’s a new luxury material for handbags. With today’s trendy geometric shapes wood is the perfect resource for creating a noteworthy clutch or purse.

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