Lawn Care Myths That Need to be Busted

Keeping your lawn lush and green is no easy task in Texas, but common lawn care myths can make it that much more difficult if they’re accepted as truth. Here are six such myths and the facts behind them.

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Lawn Care Myth #1 – As Long as It’s Mowed That’s All That Matters

There’s a lot more to mowing that simply hacking off grass that’s getting overgrown. Many people mistakenly think that they should just cut it back as much as possible so they’ll have to mow less. But if you cut it too low you’re putting your grass at risk since shaving it short can cause stress and inhibit growth. Instead, aim to cut off just the top third of the blades.

Lawn Care Myth #2 – Any Grass Will Do

There are lots of species of grass, some of which do better in the Texas climate than others. The grass you choose will also factor in to how it is planted and how it is maintained. Special consideration needs to be made before deciding which grass you’re going to grow.

Lawn Care Myth #3 – The Grass Makes More of a Difference than the Soil

The soil is actually just as important as the type of grass that you choose to grow, if not more so. Without a good foundation of soil it will be difficult to obtain a lush lawn. To ensure your soil supplies the right amount of nutrients get it tested before fertilizing.

Lawn Care Myth #4 – Mowing in the Same Manner Every Time is Okay

You should actually mow your yard in a different pattern each time. That way the grass won’t get matted down, stress won’t be put on the turf and growth won’t be inhibited.

Lawn Care Myth #5 – Grass Doesn’t Need Maintenance in the Winter

Grass isn’t completely gone in the winter, though it does go somewhat dormant. There are even some grasses that can be planted in the fall and winter in the south. Here in Texas your grass still needs to be mowed if it’s growing, and you need to clear off any debris like fallen leaves. You can also use this downtime to get your lawn care machinery and tools cleaned up and ready for the spring high season.

Lawn Care Myth #6 – Clippings Should be Bagged

When you mow your grass down to the recommended length the clippings are short enough to decompose. The clippings will provide a nutrient rich mulch that can help fight off fungal diseases and encourage growth.

Hopefully the information above has solved some of the lawn care myths that have been holding your lawn back. Get your soil right, mow with care and take steps to maintain your grass all year round for the green lawn you’ve always dreamed of and your neighbors eye in envy.

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