Operation Finally Home – Part 2

Now that you know a little about Army Spc. Augustine “Augie” Pena’s circumstances. Well, his luck is about to change. Change for the better.

We’ve partnered-up with Operation FINALLY HOME and our friends in the business to give Augie something that our hearts tell us that this is simply the right thing to do. We’re joining with many others give this American hero a custom-made house. We’re following the lead of Operation FINALLY HOME. Their nationwide goal is to gather forces to give soldiers a mortgage-free home.

How Did We All Get Together on This Project?

Steve Anthony with Timbertown Austin answered the phone last year, “On the other end was home builder, Gary Henly with Henly Custom Homes, ” Steve recalls. “My father was in the Navy and served in Vietnam. While growing up I saw the lives that were impacted … whether good or bad and felt a desire to help.”

Word trickled uphill. It had to be done so that Augie would be able to fully enjoy his new home. Finally, everything fell into place. And last October, Gov. Rick Perry joined Dan Wallrath, founder and president of Operation FINALLY HOME and Jonestown Mayor Deane Armstrong to break ground on a brand-new place for Augie.

Augie with his Family

“I am always humbled and amazed at the generous, caring nature of the people of Texas and their steady devotion to our long tradition of neighbor helping neighbor,” Gov. Perry said. “On this site will stand another fine example of the spirit of selfless compassion, manifested in a new home for Spc. Pena. He represents the American hero who always answers the call to defend freedom and the American way.”

Steve adds, “To be able to utilize what we do at Timbertown Austin and identify with his physical needs while at the same time enabling him to live in a completely functioning, beautiful home brings a lot of satisfaction and joy. It’s in giving back to the community where your true accomplishments come from.”

But What’s a House Without a Deck?

Steve is modest about Timbertown Austin’s role in this new home for Augie, “We are very blessed to work with such great partners like Gary Henly, Abe Oeltjen who built the deck with Austin Deck Co. Thanks also to Scott Barton with Fortress Railing who installed the railing through Sundance Metals. Then our wonderful suppliers, Boise and Trex who provided the composite decking.”

Composite Decking for Auggie

“We believe in nurturing our strong relationships over the years. It takes many people to complete projects like this with success,” Steve explains.

Now It’s Your Turn

Timbertown Austin and the rest of our partners urge you to get involved.

There is no greater feeling then being able to give of one’s self. You can help Operation FINALLY HOME in its mission. Especially:

  • BUILDERS/BUILDERS ASSOCIATIONS: They need builders from across the nation to build homes for America’s war wounded.
  • DEVELOPERS: Operation FINALLY HOME needs developers from across the nation to donate lots or sell them to us at cost so we can build homes.
  • BUILDING SUPPLIERS: They need building suppliers to donate materials to build the homes.
  • AMERICA: Here’s where you come in. Operation FINALLY HOME needs Texans to hold an event in their home towns. Raise awareness and funds to build a home for our severely wounded service members, widows of the fallen and their families. Volunteer for one of their events in your area.

Contact Operation FINALLY HOME here: 1659 State Highway 46 West, Ste 115-606; New Braunfels, Texas 78132. Simply click on this link to offer any assistance you can …


Or call Dan Vargas at 830-632-6702 or by e-mail at baba.vargas@gmail.com. He’s the Director of Operation FINALLY HOME.

Memorial Day is a time for family gatherings, parties, burgers and hotdogs and lots of ice cream. Let’s make this year a time when you talk to your friends, neighbors and family about Operation FINALLY HOME. Get involved. There are many vets coming back every day, ravaged by our battles overseas, or as in Augie’s case, just trying to be a good man right outside of St. Louie. A day that changed his life forever.

American Flag

He’s not alone. We so often talk-the-talk about our servicemen and women. This Memorial Day, let’s walk-the-walk. Augie will be right beside you showing you how grateful he is for you becoming a hometown hero, too.

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