Pinterest for Deck Builders: How It Can Benefit Your Business

In the last few years social media has changed the way businesses do business. No matter what industry you’re in there are social tools that can be used to help you grow your business bigger and better. For those in a very visual marketplace, like deck building, Pinterest is one of the best social media resources available.

TimberTown Pinterest Ideas

Pinterest centers around users finding images and videos around the web and “pinning” it to different boards on their account. It’s a way for people to share interesting things that they’ve found and to also find things themselves. People can “repin” what they like and the pins will always lead back to the source, which would come from your website.

If you’re not pinning yet it’s time to start a board for your business. At TimberTown Austin we’ve seen a real impact in sharing our projects and inspiring photos on our boards, and you can too.

Reasons Why Using Pinterest is a Good Idea for Your Deck Business

Still have a little hesitation about jumping in on the Pinterest bandwagon? Here are some reasons to consider the social media network.

  • It’s FREE – 100% no-cost way to attract more attention to your business.
  • Targets women aged 25-34. If this is a segment of the market you want to reach Pintrist is an effective outlet since 70-80% of users fall into this sex and age range.
  • People that find you through Pinterest are 70% more likely to spend money than those referred by other social networks.
  • Your competition is most likely already on Pinterest. Many of today’s top businesses have already set up accounts and the user base is growing everyday.

How to Start Using Pinterest in Your Business

Step 1 – Set Up a Free Account

First things first, establish an account. At this point you’ll need to decide who will manage the Pinterest account and what name you want connected to the account. You can also upload a picture of your company logo. All in all setting up your account will only take about 5-10 minutes.

You now have the option to join as a business if you prefer, or you can convert your regular account at any time. A business account will give you analytics to see exactly how Pinterest is adding to your growth.

Step 2 – Verify Your Website if You Have a Business Account

To show that your business is a legitimate one Pinterest will have you verify your website.

Step 3 – Add the Pin It Button to Your Site, Emails and Marketing Materials

This will prompt users to pin your images and videos. Adding the button is as easy as adding a few lines of code to a web page. It can also be included in emails and printed on marketing materials to encourage others to pin.

Step 4 – Create Rich Pins

If you have a business account you can create what’s known as rich pins. They include additional information about the image on the pins. It’s a great way to provide a little back-story on a deck you built or product you offer.

Step 5 – Start a Few Boards

Boards are centered around a particular subject or interest. It’s a collection of images and videos that have been pinned together in a group. First the board needs to be established. The name you choose is significant because Pinterest users can find boards through typing in a search term. Be descriptive and keep it to 20 characters or less.

Step 6 – Share Your Boards

The name of the game is to gain followers that will see your boards and ultimately re-pin your images on boards of their own.

Step 7 – Start Following the Boards of Others

Social media is all about give and take. Use Pinterest to find other related businesses and boards that inspire you.

Step 8 – Use the Analytics to Learn More

Pinterest analytics tools will show you which pins are most popular and which ones lead the most people back to your website. Additional information includes how people are describing your pins, what they are pinned alongside and what boards your pins are on.

Use the TimberTown Austin Pinterest account as a guide for creating your own.

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