Ponce City Market: Where Atlanta’s History and Future Collide

Ponce City Market is a hub for culture and activity in northeast Atlanta. Before you even step inside, you’ll notice the 1920s era architecture combined with elements of contemporary style. Once you walk in, you’re met with a variety of restaurants, shops, and businesses that create a vibrant destination for all ages to enjoy.

However, just seven years ago, only 10% of this former Sears, Roebuck & Co. building was in use. What used to be a center for commerce and retail sat nearly abandoned. Enter Jamestown, a development company based out of Atlanta and New York City. They recognized the potential in this virtually empty building and started making big plans. In 2011, Jamestown began the restoration process. Soon, businesses started to open its doors, making it clear that Ponce City Market was quickly becoming an epicenter for activity in Atlanta.

Today, it’s not just the culinary options, high-end shopping, and putt-putt golf course that make Ponce City Market so great. What sets it apart is that it’s able to offer all of these options while preserving the rich history of the original Sears showroom and warehouse. The building itself tells the story of a structure that has weathered decades of change as it celebrates the future of Atlanta.

The revitalization of this area is also connected to a larger redevelopment project – the Atlanta BeltLine. This multi-use trail is an ongoing effort to connect 45 neighborhoods based off of railroad corridors that once surrounded Atlanta. TimberTown was honored to supply the Ipe wood for a portion of the BeltLine that connects to Ponce City Market.

TimberTown also supplied wood for the rooftop deck called Skyline Park – Imagine a high-end carnival atmosphere with a breathtaking view of the city. Most of the rooftop is taken up with the mini golf course, but there are also several carnival games, rides, and options for food and drinks. The preserved brick walls combined with the brand-new deck and pops of color create a festive environment as visitors take in the sights, enjoy refreshments, and play a round of mini golf.

Ponce City Market boasts some of the best that Atlanta has to offer: incredible cuisine, entertainment, and killer views. Simply walking in creates a sense of nostalgia and excitement as you take in the history of the building while trying to decide what to do first. Ponce City Market showcases how a nearly abandoned building isn’t simply history. It’s the beginning of new opportunities and activity in a thriving city.

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