Product Review: Rustic Barnwood from Synergy Wood Products

It’s no secret, reclaimed wood is the “it” trend in interior design. You can find it just about anywhere, from homes to commercial properties. However, traditional reclaimed wood can come at a high price, not only in cost but because it often packs in unwanted chemicals and pathogens. Our friends at Synergy Wood took note and recently launched their new Rustic Barnwood line in September.

Synergy Wood Rustic
Rustic Barnwood – Tavern Color

This locally-sourced Cypress resembles the look of reclaimed wood yet comes without the unwanted chemicals. The result is an incredibly durable and beautiful wood that will make a statement. We’re not the only ones who have taken notice of Synergy Wood’s new line. Their Rustic Barnwood will be a featured product for The New American Home this January as part of the International Builders Show, one of the biggest builder shows in the country.

We had a chance to talk with Bethany Sciortino, Director of Marketing and Business Development at Synergy Wood, about their newly launched Rustic Barnwood line.


TimberTown: Why choose Synergy’s Rustic Barnwood over traditional reclaimed wood?

Bethany:The rustic and farmhouse look is a very popular and current interior design trend, but many people implement it with pallet wood or wood from dismantled structures. The challenges many consumers aren’t aware of are the chemicals (like lead), pathogens, and bugs that often times accompany reclaimed lumber. We manufacture that same look at our facility using 100% Cypress – each plank is rough sawn and wire brushed and offers boards of varying thickness and widths. We’re able to deliver a product with less than 5% waste without all of the side effects of reclaimed lumber. In fact, because it’s prefinished at our facility, there is absolutely no off-gassing and a zero-VOC onsite application.


Synergy Rustic Barnwood
Rustic Barnwood – Tavern, Saddle, and Ghost colors


What are the different color options you offer for Rustic Barnwood?

We have five different colors. Tavern is probably my personal favorite and very popular. You can use them by themselves or mix and match them to create your own look, which is a very common practice for a lot of our consumers. It’s really quite cool because there are so many pattern options with just one color, and really unlimited creations when combining two or more colors.


What are some other ways to create a unique look?

Where I like to see it is in a diagonal pattern. Most people put the wood on a horizontal application, but we’ve had some of our dealers in their showrooms put it in a diagonal and it looks absolutely phenomenal.


Synergy Wood Rustic Barnwood
Rustic Barnwood Diagonal Pattern – Ash and Sandstone Colors


Have you seen any particularly creative uses of the Rustic Barnwood?

We had a custom builder out in Texas who decided that he was going to do a floor to ceiling Saddle Rustic Barnwood…The whole room is blanketed in Rustic Barnwood and it looks stunning. Seeing it used as a full room application is probably our most unique because typically you’d see it used in an accent application. I think we’ll see more of this type of installation because it really warms up a space.


What sets it apart from the rest?

There’s really nothing out there that’s like it – we’ve heavily researched the market and it’s a premium product that just looks absolutely phenomenal when it’s installed. We have a very unique finishing process — we not only stain it, we glaze it, too. It’s also tongue and groove and end-matched which makes it super easy to install. And, being a 100% wood product, you know that it’s going to last for a very long time. Competing products just don’t offer this type of exceptional hand-finished product. We’re very excited to see it being utilized in not only residential applications, but commercial and multifamily, as well.

Learn more about Synergy Wood’s new Rustic Barnwood line here


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