Railing Kits vs DIY Designs

It’s National Welding Month! Why is that important for deck lovers? Because, like many things in life, many railing systems are held together thanks to welding. We figured it was the perfect opportunity to discuss the differences between using a railing kit versus DIY design options as well as how you can get creative with metal railings.

Railing Design

Railing Kit Versus DIY (Design It Yourself) Options

Design Flexibility: Advantage DIY

When you use a kit the design is already laid out for you and deviating from it could make things much more complicated and costly. If you can’t find a railing you love using a kit it’s time to go DIY. When you design the railing yourself the possibilities are endless and there are many more options for materials that can be used.

Ease of Installation: Advantage Railing Kit

Installation is where railing kits really shine. Typically everything needed to get the railing installed is included save the tools. You’ll also have detailed instructions to work off of making it much easier to install the railing. If you’re a DIYer then a railing kit is your best bet.

Cost: Toss Up

For the most part the design and materials will dictate how expensive the railing is. If you use a kit that has very high-end materials and an intricate design it could end up costing more than a simple railing you design yourself. Keep in mind that anything specialty-made strictly for your railing will come at a high price regardless of whether or not it comes in a kit. Another cost consideration is whether or not you’ll need to hire a pro to do the installation.

Unique Factor: Advantage DIY

If having a one-of-a-kind railing is the biggest concern then DIY is definitely the way to go.

Safety: Advantage Railing Kits

We’re not saying that DIY options are unsafe, only that railing kits are designed to meet strict safety requirements. This gives you better peace of mind that the railing is built to withstand the elements, handle loads sufficiently and has the dimensions needed to keep adults, children and animals safe.

Creative Metal Railing Ideas

Now that you have a better understanding of the pros and cons of using both railing kits and designing your own let’s take a look at some creative metal railing ideas.

  • Cable RailingMetal cables can be used in place of thicker railings when you want to keep the view as unencumbered as possible.
  • Create a Natural Look – Welding can transform metal into virtually any kind of shape. Most often people associate metal railings with a very modern, linear look, but organic, natural shapes are also possible. Metal railings can even be designed to look like the branches of a tree for a look that’s inspired by nature.
  • Metal and Glass Modern – One of the sleekest and most beautiful railing combinations is metal and glass. The reflective surfaces pair nicely and give the deck or porch a wide-open appearance.
  • Add Paint for a Colorful Twist – Make metal railings any color you want with a little sanding and paint. First use a medium grit sandpaper to scuff up surface of the rails. Next hit them with a rust-inhibiting primer. Follow up with a rust-inhibiting enamel paint.

Have some railing design ideas but need help getting it all together? Give Timbertown Austin a call for one-on-one railing assistance.

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