Spring Cleaning Your Home – The Outdoor Guide

Oftentimes we focus so much on the indoors that we completely overlook our outdoor living areas during Spring Cleaning sessions. When you have a deck, patio or pool there are a few more things to add to your clean up list so you can fully enjoy the warmer weather. In an effort to help you get geared up, here’s a look at how to prepare and what to focus on during your outdoor Spring Cleaning.

Spring Cleaning Hardwoods

Make a To-Do List

As simple as it sounds many people don’t take the time to make a to-do list, which can save you loads of time and help you prepare for the big Spring Cleaning. On the to-do list itemize all the things you plan to do and the tools you need to get them done.

Spruce Up the Entrances and Exits

Getting in and out of your exterior space is a lot easier when the entrances and exits are in perfect working condition.

  • Sliding glass doors – Clean the glass on the inside and outside. Next take an old toothbrush and de-gunk the track. Use the vacuum to suck up debris then finish by using a wet sponge to get the track squeaky clean.
  • Pool gates – Make sure that the locks work properly and hit the hinges with WD-40 so they doesn’t stick.
  • Fence gates – In addition to taking a look at the lock, watch out for alignment issues that could make opening and closing the gate difficult.

Freshen Up the Outdoor Furniture

Hopefully the furniture was tucked away during the winter so that it wasn’t out in the elements. If not, it’s time to freshen it up.

  • Canvas cushions – For canvas use a specialized store-bought cleaner, or mix up your own using borax, water and dish detergent.
  • Plastic – Use all-purpose cleaner to knock off the dirt.
  • Metal – If there is chipped paint hit it with a little outdoor enamel to cover it up.

Perform a Safety Inspection

The cold winter months can take a toll on a deck, patio or pool. Boards shrink and possibly crack, components are shut down and there could be water damage that wasn’t there before. It’s important to do a thorough safety inspection since things may have changed over the last few months.

  • Patio or Deck – In our previous post Hidden Hazards of Decks That Look Safe we point out how to do a thorough inspection of your deck. For decks that are off the ground a few feet or more you’ll also need to inspect the joists and girders underneath.
  • Pool – When you’re opening the pool up examine the condition of the pool and how everything is operating. Pay careful attention to handrails, the surface around the pool, stairs and the jets.

Clean the Deck Boards

Cleaning the surface of your deck or patio is one of the biggest outdoor jobs, but it also has a big return. Not only will your deck boards look better, regular cleaning will also help them last longer. Pick a day when there isn’t any rain on the radar and follow the deck cleaning tips that we went over in the winter care post.

Keep Everything Organized

If you don’t have space in the garage and haven’t already invested in outdoor storage now is the time to do so. If not, all of your Spring Cleaning could quickly get cluttered up. There are lots of outdoor storage options from hollow benches to small sheds. No matter what you choose make sure it has enough space to hold all your outdoor gear and that everything is easily accessible.

If you notice that your deck has some questionable spots during the Spring Cleaning inspection, give TimberTown Austin or a licensed contractor a call to take a look at it.

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