Summer’s Here – Accessories You Need for the Outdoors

In Austin, summer pretty much starts around spring. The weather perks-up from its short winter nap and that means people spend more time in their outdoor living spots: On the deck, in a gazebo, planting vines for the pergolas. Warm weather compels us to sit atop the lap of Mother Nature.

All that taken in mind, Timbertown Austin has rolled together some suggestions to further enhance your sunlit living room. Depends on what you have or are planning to build, but let’s pick some low-hanging fruit that you can chew when you want to make your backyard more appetizing.

Add More Color

Outdoor Fabrics

We’ve got a suggestion that won’t get any dirt under your nails. What we’re alluding to are outdoor fabrics. Some take the plastic or vinyl street when venturing into sprucing-up outdoor furniture. That’s fine, but unless you’re like your great gramma who used to put a layer of clear synthetics on all her furniture; that’s so 1950’s. What you’re trying to do is make the open-air environment more like your family room — under the roof. Vinyl and plastics on a blustering summer day may give you blisters on your backside as they get really hot. Breathable fabrics, when you pick the right kind, will not hold that much heat, dry pretty fast after a rain. And they don’t fade as quickly. Maybe you’ll pay more for fabric, but it’s going to take the blows five-times longer than plastic stuff.

Make It Year ‘Round

Outdoor Heater

Sooner or later it’s going to get a bit chilly in November through February. No need to abandon your outdoor living space. Get a portable outdoor heater. The variety is wide: From wood burning, to propane-powered and even those units that look like lamp posts. Feel a chill, fire up a table-top gizmo to keep you toasty year ’round.

The Deck Gets a Bikini

Outdoor Deck with Rug

The deck you’ve installed is gorgeous. Fine ipe hardwood, lightly stained and sealed. However, take a tip from your inside hardwood floors. Area rugs and runners crank-up the color for your terrace, patio or deck. Look for small carpeting made of polypropylene. They are mold-resistant and if mildew is stinking-up the place, simply hose it down. It’s a great way to coordinate your furniture fabric, the type of wood and any nearby flowers.

Got Junk?

Everything is inching toward perfection. Let’s be honest, though. Junk happens. You don’t want to pile it up in a corner of your deck, right? Then think about adding an ipe deck box. It’s a great accessory where you can store your furniture cushions and other items that might not do well exposed to the great outdoors.

Outdoor Toy Box

Another storage suggestion: A nicely colored cabana also does well as a hiding place for things. If you have a pool, all the more reason to go cabana. It’s a terrific place to strip-down, put on the bathing suit, leave the dry clothes inside and take a dip. This saves you and the kids from having to drip all over the interior of your house. We love multipurpose!

All of these suggestions aren’t going to cause you to take out a home equity loan. They are modern with some DIY and pretty inexpensive. Enjoy the summer!

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