Thank a Woodshop Teacher on National Teacher’s Day

This Teacher’s Day Timbertown Austin is taking a moment to acknowledge all of the hardworking wood shop teachers that give students skills they can use for a lifetime. Woodworking may be an elective, but it’s a course that teaches kids how to plan and carry out projects so they don’t have to rely on a pro for every little home improvement. It may also inspire a few young people to pursue a career in woodworking or a related trade.


As a new found respect for skilled workers and trade schools has risen from the recession so has the emphasis on keeping shop classes in schools. There’s support from many sectors that encourages schools to add career and vocational training to the curriculum, and we couldn’t agree more. Shop teachers are playing a critical role in laying the foundation for kids that are interested in high tech, construction, engineering and many other fields.

When you think about it shop class is a great way for students to learn in a hands-on, project based way. Many educators are hailing this instruction style because it helps the students become more engaged as they learn. Shop class is now gaining the respect it deserves as an important part of preparing kids for the future by teaching them practical skills including project management and budgeting.

Schools here in the Austin area with shop classes and courses include:

Summer programs, after school programs and now courses that are part of the high school curriculum are becoming more and more commonplace. Make Magazine founder Dale Dougherty is understandably a huge proponent of putting “maker spaces” in schools. With grants from the Defense Advanced Research Agency he is already making positive changes in schools across Northern California. He also spoke at the 2013 right here in Austin.

With the help of high profile individuals like Dougherty and community involvement shop and woodworking classes are being added instead of cut from curriculum.

Take a Field Trip to Timbertown Austin

The entire team at Timbertown Austin wants to invite woodshop teachers and their students from all the local schools to stop by the local lumberyard for a personal tour. Our experts can walk you through all of our different wood options and make suggestions for your upcoming DIY projects. It’s also a great opportunity to take a look at our scrap selection and allow the students to choose their own wood. Selecting from the “scrap pile” a perfect way to get bargain prices on wood for small projects.

Happy Teacher’s Day!

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