The Best Fall Plants for Your Deck or Garden

The seasons are changing, and with the drop in temperature comes the perfect time to refresh your outdoor plants. From mums to Russian Sage, we’ve listed seven of our favorite fall plants to give your deck or landscape some pops of color during this season.

Colorful Mums

Mums (Zones 5-9)

This is a fall favorite that will bring vibrant color to your deck. They come in a variety of colors and bloom shapes, giving you many options no matter your style or taste. They are typically less expensive than other perennials so are a great option for mass planting. Mums will do well in a container on your deck or planted in your yard.


Pansies in Pots

Pansies (Zones 2-11) 

Pansies bring a color personality unmatched by most fall plants. You usually start to see them at nurseries and garden centers around September. They do not fare as well in the heat and humidity which makes fall a great time to add them to your outdoor deck or garden. To ensure your pansies will withstand the winter, be sure and pick a hardier variety. Look for younger plants with fewer blooms in compact containers.


Aster Flowers

Asters (Zones 4-8) 

This low maintenance flower resembles a daisy and can bring beautiful color to your deck in red, pink, white and blue. Since mums and asters bloom at the same time, you can plant them together to provide a nice contrast. We suggest planting asters early in the fall so they can grow a stronger root system before the winter months come into play. Be sure to plant your asters in an area with partial to full sun. Bonus: these colorful flowers attract butterflies.


Goldenrod Flowers

Goldenrod (Zones 4-9) 

If you want to bring in rich hues of yellow to your fall flower selection, goldenrod is your best bet. This low maintenance plant grows long stems with yellow flowers in clusters to heights of three feet or more. The flowers and leaves are also edible and known for their healing properties. Use the flowers or leaves to make tea or add the leaves to your favorite dish for flavor.


Lily Flower

Lilies (Zones 4-9) 

While lilies do best in the late summer and early fall, we had to add this flower to the list. These impressive blooms often come in pink, gold, white and red. They bring a refined look to any outdoor space and also attract their fair share of butterflies. Lilies are hearty flowers and do best in full sun or partial sun. Wherever you choose to plant your lilies be sure that the soil is able to drain well so the bulb does not rot.


Russian Sage Flowers

Russian Sage (Zones 5-9) 

Russian sage is an eye-catching plant from the mint family that will bring beauty in shades of purple. It does best in full sunlight and dryer soil. Russian sage can be a great color contrast to typical shades found in mums and asters. Plant these tall flowers in your garden or containers to bring an element of elegance to your outdoor space.


Red Helenium Flowers

Helenium (Zones 4-8) 

If you’d rather stick with traditional fall colors of orange and red, helenium is an excellent choice. Unlike Russian sage, helenium like plenty of water. Be sure to plant them one to two feet apart in a relatively sunny spot. Some types can grow to be quite tall (five feet) and come in a variety of patterns, giving you plenty of options for festive pops of color this fall.



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