Timbertown Austin Presents the Austin Deck Expo

Cooped-up and ready to spread your outdoor wings? Looking out the backdoor, notice something is missing. It’s never been there, but it would sure look good if it were there now. There’s not enough space to dig a hole and put a sweet swimming pool in the yard. But there’s another way to magnify what’s out there and throw the value of your home into overdrive.

It’s never the wrong time of year to add more living space to the home. Timbertown Austin wants to remind dreamers that taking a value-added approach by thinking beyond the back door and thinking about it now.

Austin Deck Expo

Outdoor living space in Texas has become a priority among families who are looking to expand their recreational legroom. As a future deck owner, stop by the Austin Deck Expo on April 6th to see how many different options a homeowner has in building a living space without the restrictions of walls, doors or windows.

Many potential deck owners spend weekend-after-weekend going from one business to another trying to discover the ideal outdoor living space. Why bother with trying to research each local vendor. Timbertown Austin has compiled the perfect event that puts all of them right in front of potential buyers. The Austin Deck Expo is designed for connecting homeowners with Austin area deck builders, contractors and home remodelers.

The Best Time is Now

Many people wait until midsummer to decide to install a deck. It’s sort of like trying to buy something when it’s in great demand. You know you want one. Why wait?

Timbertown Austin is open for business year ’round, but this gives an outdoor space homeowner a chance to ask the questions, see the products and get quotes before the rush.

Wouldn’t you rather enjoy the Memorial Day weekend, grilling on a strong, handsome deck? If that’s in the plan, take a look at what’s out there at our one-stop shop the Austin Deck Expo. Representatives will be on hand to be able to handle any decking need, including full-blown construction. Take the leap at the Austin Deck Expo.

Bring the whole family. There will be food, fun and education so bring the kids and the pets to enjoy!

A special feature at the Austin Deck Expo will be a “live deck collapse”. Anyone interested in the construction of a new deck or inspection of your existing deck, must see it to believe it.

The Austin Deck Expo takes place at Timbertown on Saturday April 6th from 10:00am until 4:00pm. Timbertown Austin is located at 15607 Grand Street in Pflugerville, TX. Want some easy directions to the Austin Deck Expo, just click here: http://timbertownaustin.com/austin-deck-expo/

Back in the day, decks were flat. There were few choices in design. It was a one size fits-all environment unless you wanted to take-out a second mortgage. We live in a very different world now. The industry has undergone many changes over the years. Come see. These are not your father’s decks, they’re better!

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