Timbertown Austin’s Favorite DIY Things

Got a few home improvement projects on your resolutions list? At Timbertown Austin we are all about DIY – so much so we’ve created a list of our favorite DIY things. Here’s a look at what we’ll be using this year.

Deck Tools Design Software

Coming soon to Timbertown Austin’s website users will get to take advantage of the Deck Tools Design Software. The software helps you develop your outdoor escape online, giving you a chance to visualize ideas before the building starts. It’s one of the first steps we take each and every time we start a project.

Sikkens Stains

Sikkens SRD is our go-to stain for protecting the natural beauty of redwood decks. The natural (transparent) tint will let the color of the raw redwood shine through while providing a layer of defense from the weather. Sikkens stains are designed to penetrate deeply and create a protective shell over the wood. One coat is all it takes for long-lasting protection through the seasons.

Sikkens Stain

Bargain Priced Wood from the “Scrap Pile”

We grab lots of materials from the Timbertown Austin “scrap pile” of lumber, and you can too. The part of the lumberyard that we lovingly refer to as the “scrap pile” is full of all types of different woods and at a bargain price too. It’s available to anyone that’s got a project involving wood.

Home and Garden Shows

Home and garden shows are a great resource to help you in all your DIY projects. The shows give you a firsthand look at products, access to experts that can answer all your most pressing questions and a front row seat at demos. We always enjoy participating in home and garden shows, and getting the chance to help homeowners transform their backyards.


If you haven’t visited the Houzz website you’re in for a real treat that you’ll likely spend endless hours on. Sign up for free to get access to millions of inspirational photos and answers from the experts themselves. It’s designed specifically for home improvement heroes and weekend warriors that take pride in their DIY projects.


Need inspiration? Check out Timbertown Austin’s Houzz page!

Trex Curve System

Timbertown Austin has the only Trex Curve System in Texas, and it’s one amazing system. With the Trex Custom Curve Heating and Bending Solution you’re not limited to 90° angles on your deck. A whole world of geometric shapes is at your disposal. Now you deck design is only limited by your imagination.

These are six DIY things we know we’re going to make use of in the coming months to make projects easier and expand the possibilities. We’re happy to share them with all of our fellow DIY wood enthusiasts, and want to hear about your favorite tools and resources too. Visit us on Facebook to tell us about the DIY things you’ll be using.

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