Timbertown Austin’s Top 5 Tips for Finding the Perfect Christmas Tree

<p class=”h3″>Still haven’t gotten your Christmas tree yet? There’s still plenty of time to enjoy a bit of the wonderful outdoors inside your home during the holiday season. Here at Timbertown Austin if it’s about trees and lumber we’ve got you covered.</p>

Christmas Tree Farm

Since today is ‘Look for an Evergreen Day’ we figured it was a great time to share our top tips for finding the perfect Christmas tree, starting with where to find them.

Christmas Tree Farms

There are plenty of Christmas Tree farms around Austin that offer tons of fun while you find the tree that be a part of your holidays this year. Tree farms are unique in that you can look through rows and rows of uncut trees and chop down the one you want. It’s a great way to ensure you’re getting the freshest tree possible (see below). Many tree farms also have pre-cut trees if you’d rather not do the chopping.

Christmas Tree farms to visit include:

  • Elgin Christmas Tree Farm – They offer way more than trees. Going to their farm is a day of fun with hayrides, a maze to run through and animals to pet.
  • Evergreen Farms Christmas Trees – It’s right down the road from Elgin Christmas Tree Farm and has a few fun activities of its own.
  • Lee County Christmas Trees – A little further east in Lincoln, TX you’ll find Lee County Christmas Trees. They offer four types of trees including a hypoallergenic option.

Look for Fresh, Green Trees

Dried out trees are serious fire hazards. Of course, all trees are flammable, but there’s a big difference between one that’s fresh and well watered and one that’s bone dry. The National Fire Protection Association released a video that shows just how dramatic a difference it can make if the tree catches fire.

To test the dryness of the tree pull lightly on a few of the needles. Do they come off easily or stay put? Also, give it a good shake to see how many needles fall off. Dry trees will shed their needles with ease and should be avoided.

Let Your Space Dictate the Size

Too often we pick a tree and in our excitement and don’t consider where we’re going to put it. When you get home it’s a guessing game of squeezing it in wherever you can. To ensure your tree is a perfect fit figure out where you think it will look best then measure the height and width. Use those measurements to find the best tree for your space. Here are a few more tips when choosing the best place for your Christmas tree:

  • Don’t put trees and decorative foliage within 3 feet of a heat source
  • Don’t put your tree where it blocks exits
  • Consider a spot where the tree is visible from outdoors
  • Be mindful of your pet’s spaces
  • Think about your power supplies (i.e. electric sockets)

Know the Allergy Potentials

The different varieties of Christmas trees put off some of the worst allergens around. Pine, cedar, firs – their spores and mold can trigger allergic reactions. When you’re shopping around get up close and personal with the trees. Do any of them trigger an allergic-type reaction in any of your family members? If so, move on to another kind of tree. You can limit the potential for problems once it’s in your home by first spraying the tree down with a hose.

Check Out the Trunk

People often pay attention to the height, width and fullness of a Christmas tree, but they forget to check a more important part – the trunk. If the trunk isn’t nice and straight it will be a serious pain to put up. Trying to get the tree to sit in the stand without tilting will be a challenge that can ruin the entire experience and even cause the tree to tip over at one point or another.

Give it a Careful Once Over for Bugs

The last thing you want is to bring unwanted holiday guests in on your tree. Not only will mites, bark beetles, aphids, spiders and more crawl around your home but the warmth indoors could actually make their eggs hatch early. Bring gloves and a flashlight with you while tree shopping. Carefully inspect the trunk and underside of branches for signs of bugs. Holes bore into the trunk, webbing and egg sacks are all sure signs of infestation.

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