TimberTown Celebrates Ten Years!

When founder and partner, Steve Anthony set out to create TimberTown over 10 years ago, the building blocks for the company were more than great products. They were long-lasting relationships with those in the local community and beyond.

Since opening its Austin location in 2006, the company has stood by the principals of providing “quality materials and superb service by friendly people.” As the business has grown, this mantra has become a part of every employees’ DNA and a promise that each customer can count on. But where did the idea for TimberTown start? 

Steve states, “I had the original idea in my head and heart 25 years ago but it was only about 11 years ago that I decided that if I didn’t follow my dream now, I never would.” As this dream took root, Steve called on Bill Hussong and Shawn Allen to help make it grow. 

Bill, Steve, and Shawn in early years

Bill Hussong, Steve Anthony, and Shawn Allen in the early years 

“When we first started out, we had two trucks and a dirt yard. We were doing two to three deliveries a day. Since then we’ve grown progressively,” says Shawn Allen, who is now Sales Manager.

While TimberTown started as a small operation, it has evolved into something bigger. From merging with OHC (Overseas Hardwoods Company) to opening a second location in Atlanta, the past 10 years have brought immense growth. Even with the growth, TimberTown remains constant in its passion for serving people and building relationships. 

That’s why there seemed to be no better way to celebrate TimberTown’s 10 years than by throwing a party with the people who have stood beside the business. This past November, TimberTown celebrated its 10 years with an outdoor party at The Grove, a new event venue in Round Rock, TX. The celebration was an opportunity to reflect on the success of the company and thank the people who have allowed TimberTown to be what it is today.

TimberTown 10-year celebration at the grove

TimberTown’s 10-year celebration at The Grove 

Guests enjoyed food from Bowties to Blue Jeans Catering Company and music by local artist, Andrea Marie and the Magnolia Band. And of course, what would a TimberTown party be without a huge deck? The Grove showcased a brand-new deck built by Kelton Deck made with materials from TimberTown.

Timbertown 10 year celebration cake

The evening brought TimberTown employees, clients, customers, and friends of the business together. Shawn Allen says, “It was great to see the camaraderie of so many customers we’ve had over so many years come support us.”

This 10-year celebration goes back to the emphasis that the business is nothing without the people behind the lumber and materials. TimberTown’s Ben Roberts says “At the core, the people are making all the difference.”

This principal is also what’s led to the longevity of the company. Steve Anthony states that customers and clients, “stay with us for a long time because of the people we have here and the services we provide.”

Steve Anthony speaks at 10 year celebration

Founder Steve Anthony speaks at the 10-year celebration 

What started as Steve Anthony’s dream 25 years ago has grown exponentially. It’s not just a decking and lumber provider, it’s a tight-knit group of employees. It’s a community-builder. With even more growth on the horizon, TimberTown will always stay true to it’s guiding principals: providing quality materials and superb service by friendly people

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