Tips for Plantscaping Your Deck

If you’re new to deck or patio planting you may be wondering what plantscaping is. This is a clever new term for adding greenery to your man-made exterior structures. In essence you’re landscaping without the land by creating a container garden.

In this post we’re providing tips to help you get your plantscaping underway this spring.

Plantscaping 101

Tip #1 – Don’t Spend Tons on Your Containers

Sure, the beautiful decorative containers are nice, but they’re expensive. You can stretch your budget by using 5-gallon buckets. They offer ample space for plants, are easy to transport and can be painted for a look that’s all your own. All you have to do is add holes in the bottom for drainage, and you’re ready to plant.

Tip #2 – Figure Out the Look You’re Going For

Before hitting your local garden center put some thought into the overall look or theme you’d like to achieve. Both your containers and your plants can create a powerful statement through color, texture and even smell. If you’d rather it stay organic and eclectic that’s okay too!

Tip #3 – Go Vertical

Don’t overlook your vertical space. Putting plants up higher and hanging them can help better define the space. Consider placing containers up on the railing or add pedestals for them to sit on.

Tip #4 – Have Fun Figuring Out the Right Configuration

One big advantage to a container garden over one that’s rooted in the ground is you can move things around until you get the perfect layout. Or if you feel like changing things up it’s as simple moving a few containers. Keep colors, textures and size in mind when placing your plants.

Tip #5 – Add Plants Around the Perimeter of Your Deck or Patio

Create a smooth transition from your container garden to the yard by planting around the perimeter of the deck or patio.

Tip #6 – Create a Comfortable Space to Relax In

Your plants and containers will be the main focus but to truly enjoy the space you need a place to kick back and relax. Add a bistro table and chairs, built-in cushioned seating, a recliner, etc. Whatever you choose just make sure it’s sized appropriately so it doesn’t overwhelm the garden space.

Tip #7 – Create Container Bouquets

You don’t have to limit yourself to one type of plant per container. Pair different plants together in a single container for a beautiful bouquet look. Just make sure there’s ample space for all the plants and that they aren’t invasive so they won’t overtake each other.

Tip #8 – Make Sure Your Plants Are Ideal Container Candidates

Some plants thrive in containers while others prefer to be in the ground. Do your research to check for soil preference, sunlight needs and hardiness.

Tip #9 – Colorful Containers Ensure a Year-round Rainbow

In spring and summer your container garden will be in full bloom, but what about the fall and winter? Using colorful containers will keep things bright and cheerful no matter what season it is.

Tip #10 – Use the Thriller, Filler and Spiller Method

When putting together your container bouquet keep the thriller, filler and spiller method in mind. Thriller plants have some height and are planted right in the middle of the pot. The filler is a shorter plant that goes around the thriller. The spiller is planted around the edge so it drapes over the sides.

Plantscaping is a great way to get creative, increase privacy and add greenery even if you don’t have much yard space. Use the 10 tips above to transform your custom deck or patio into a colorful container garden.

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