Using Hardwood to Improve the Looks of Your Home’s Exterior:

Do you own your own home? Do you have a large yard? Are you at a loss as to how to make that yard work for you, your family and your home? Do you want to improve the look and function of your home’s interior? If you live in the Austin, TX area then consider adding a deck, porch, gazebo and furniture, all made out of hardwood lumber.

When choosing to add a deck, porch, gazebo or hardwood furniture there are several things to take into consideration. First thing to consider is choosing hardwood lumber. It’s important to select a hardwood dealer that is trustworthy and offers only the best quality products. Timbertown Austin is the most trusted dealer of exotic hardwood, and their staff is ready to help you select the perfect wood to complete your project.

Large Hardwood Deck

Next is choosing the right kind of wood that will work best for your project.

If you have chosen to build a deck onto your home, don’t build the same old boring rectangular deck a few feet off the ground. Take into consideration the style of your home, and use your imagination. There are so many great ways to design a deck that will fit the style of your home and meet your family’s needs. You can do several different levels to provide several different areas to entertain. A barbeque on one level, hardwood chairs made for sunbathing on another and what about a lower level that connects to a beautiful gazebo with gorgeous hardwood furniture?

When designing your deck you can use some of the left over lumber to make some lovely chairs and end tables. Maybe when designing your decking or gazebo you could incorporate a bench or two into the actual side of the decking. Not only will this provide additional seating for you and your guests, but there will be no need to have a railing built where the bench sits against the edge of the deck. Another way to use hardwood lumber to help improve the look of your home’s exterior would be to add some hardwood planters in and around your decking and your home. Incorporating the left over hardwood is a great way to cut down on waste and recycle.

After you have designed your deck, gazebo and outdoor furniture you will have to choose hardwood lumber. Timbertown Austin offers hardwood lumber that is top quality, and the customer service representatives are knowledgeable and can help you select the pieces that will accent your home perfectly.

When choosing a hardwood for your project to improve the look of your home’s exterior you will want to choose a very durable, pest resistant and weather resistant hardwood. Most hardwood recommended for use outside the home will carry a 25 year warranty to protect you as the customer, and to provide you with a beautiful exterior to your home; an exterior that you and your family will be able to use and enjoy for generations.

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