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Got gas? There’s been a resurgence of gas stoves in the kitchen. Chef’s swear by it. It gives-off an even heat. Electric burners on the top simply don’t get hotter or heat faster than propane.

But outdoors? Those same gourmet-artists, despite their 20-thousand dollar ovens in the kitchen, are always trying to find a way to infuse their creations with the flavor of mesquite, apple and other types of wood.

For you, it’s easy. You just roll-out the grill, dump some charcoal in the bin and fire it up. But are you getting the best results when you plate that inch-and-a-half steak to take it over to your ipe outdoor table? Probably not.

Kamado Joe to the Rescue

You’ve gotta love the shape. It looks like an oversized Ostrich egg. But it’s a top-of-the-line griller that doesn’t stick it’s head in the sand.

Red Grill

Thanks goes to Bobby Brennan and Kerry Coker back in the late aughts. They came up with the idea of the Kamado Joe. What makes it stand-out is that it’s made of ceramic. Why is that important? Ceramic holds onto heat with all its might. Unlike a metal-based outdoor grille, it translates to needing less wood or natural charcoal when cooking-up a bunch of chicken, pork and beef.

Surely the Weird Name Means Something

Aye, that it does. The term “Kamado” comes from the Japanese word for “stove.” While Bobby and Kerry began doing business a few years back, it’s hardly a new concept. Asian homes around a thousand years before the birth of Christ used Kamados to heat their homes and to cook with it. The “Joe” part came from this guy who confronted the soon-to-be elected Barack Obama when he made a campaign stop in Ohio. You remember him. “Joe the Plumber.” Politics or not, Joe is a friendly-sounding name. Think of your “everyday Joe.”

The Miracle of Ceramics

We’ve already mentioned the natural ceramics and its ability to handle heat without wasting whatever wood or natural charcoal you employ. The radiance is controlled by a moveable vent in the lid and an opening in the lower side of the grill. Likewise in the lid, you can string a thermometer to keep an eye on the internal temperature.

Those who think that all ceramic grills are the same, not so. Kamado Joe cookers bring to task premium ceramic casing, top materials for the fire rings and fire boxes. No cutting corners. Every ceramic tub is an inch thick.

Into briskets? Smoke one with a Kamado for 24-hours without having to add wood or natural charcoal every couple of hours.

Because of the heat it can generate, it’s self cleaning. Just open the vents, let the grill ramp-up to 500-degrees for 15-minutes and any grease or splattered, burnt sauce simply slides right off.

Whether it’s used for searing, grilling or smoking your meat, Kamado Joe does it right.

Our mouths are watering right now just thinking about those hickory ribs. You bring the baked beans and white bread. Let’s eat!

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