When The Sun Goes Down: Choosing The Perfect Accent Lighting For Your Deck

Austin has a rich history of summertime barbecues, tailgating parties, and cookouts. With the local history, warm spring and summer temperatures, and a natural love for the outdoors, Texans have long been known for perfecting the art of barbecuing. The early morning sky in Austin is often dotted with plumes of smoke rising from all around the neighborhoods.

However, when parties last beyond the daylight hours we are often scrambling to find suitable light sources for our decks. Now, thanks to Timbertown Austin’s great selection of accent lighting, you’ll no longer have to try to find those lamps and torches you put in your attic or garage.

No matter what your deck is made of, whether it is exotic hardwood decking such as Ipe, or classic softwood decking made of Redwood, Timbertown Austin has the perfect accent lighting for your deck. Even our composite decking and railing systems have choices that offer both class and functionality.

Our Fortress Lighting Systems offer lighting that is built directly into the posts of your composite decking system, and it goes far beyond being decorative. With the ability to provide accent lighting that lights your party area adequately that you can safely navigate around your deck furniture as well as being just the perfect amount of light to set the mood for a night time cookout or party, this system offers much more than tiki torches or other forms of outdoor lighting.

For hardwood or softwood decks, we offer the perfect lighting solution that is guaranteed to make your night time events much more relaxed and enjoyable. With LED lighting solutions that are designed to provide beautiful ambient light to your deck, you can set the perfect mood, whether you wish to have a large outdoor gathering, or you’re trying to create the perfect candle light dinner for that special someone.

These lighting systems are made to be attached directly to your railing system, then wired to a power source with a central switch, which means you can light your entire deck area with a single switch. Gone are the days of the Japanese lanterns and tiki torches. The mirrored domes that hold these powerful LED lights allow you to cast the perfect amount of light needed, without overpowering the mood you want to create.

LED lighting is also much more affordable to operate than standard outdoor lighting or Japanese lanterns. The design of an LED bulb allows it to operate at much cooler temperatures than a standard light bulb, as well as use much less power. This means you won’t have to spend as much on your electricity to keep your deck lit at night. LED’s also last much longer than standard light bulbs, which means you spend less time and money to maintain these lighting systems.

Come to our Pflugerville location today, and learn more about how Timbertown Austin can help you create the perfect lighting solution for your deck. Our staff will be more than happy to show you the latest products that are designed to make your deck the perfect place to spend your evenings.

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