Beautiful Lawn

Lawn Care Myths That Need to be Busted

Keeping your lawn lush and green is no easy task in Texas, but common lawn care myths can make it that much more difficult if they’re accepted as truth. Here are six such myths and the facts behind them.

Plantscaping 101

Tips for Plantscaping Your Deck

If you’re new to deck or patio planting you may be wondering what plantscaping is. This is a clever new term for adding greenery to your man-made exterior structures. In essence you’re landscaping without the land by creating a container garden.

Spa Nook Curved Deck

Unique Deck Designs to Try in 2014

It’s a new year, which means it’s time to start some new projects around your house. If you have the desire, but are looking for the inspiration Timbertown Austin is here to help. Sure you can lay your deck normally from side to side, but what is the…more


Grass Guide: Spring Planting Tips

Anyone who’s lived in Central Texas through the hot spring and summer knows what a challenge growing grass can be. A lush, green patch of grass is a thing to envy. It’s a labor of love. But if you lay a good foundation and get grass off to…more