Everything You Want to Know About Trex Products

For nearly two decades Trex products have been changing the way outdoor structures are built. The company revolutionized the composite products industry, and today they are the largest manufacturer of wood alternative decking products in the world. Their name has become synonymous with innovation, beauty and quality.

Trex Deck

Trex Transcend Products

The ultimate in composite decking – that’s the only way to describe the Trex line of Transcend products. Transcend offers all the durability found in the other lines but takes the design elements to new heights.

The deep wood grain pattern and selection of eight different colors adds a natural look that was previously only possible with wood. A protective shell coating guarantees that your decking won’t fade or stain for at least a quarter of a century.

Trex Enhance Products

The Trex Enhance products line is as solid as they come. It offers universal appeal and decking that works with any of the Trex railing systems, giving you that much more design flexibility.

The Enhanced products line offers the additional benefit of hidden fasteners. Now you can get a smooth, seamless look that’s just as durable and stable as high-quality traditional decks.

Trex Select Products

Simple high-performance is offered in the Trex Select line. This affordable decking option makes it possible for all homeowners to experience the features of a high-quality composite deck.

Like other Trex products, the Select line is extremely durable, resisting mold and stains as well as being splinter-free. These products come with a 25-year limited residential warranty so rest assure your deck will withstand the elements for years to come.


Complete the look of your deck with Trex fascia. Fascia gives a deck a polished appearance so that it looks amazing from all angles. The company offers fascia in every color across all lines so making a perfect match is easier than ever.


Your staircase can be a showstopper or eye sore. The new Trex Spiral Stair System guarantees to up the wow-factor of your outdoor living space while saving on space. Designed to offer the utmost in safety and style, the system has everything needed to add access with intrigue.

If you are looking to give your standard staircase a facelift, Trex also offers attractive stair risers in 16 colors.


Right down to the fasteners that hold it all together, Trex offers everything you need to complete a decking project.

All Trex products are built with beauty, longevity and low maintenance in mind. Regardless of which line you choose to work with you’re guaranteed to get high-quality decking materials from one of the best names in the business.

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