The Perfect DIY Project For That Concrete Slab


When you step outside the door of your home are you met by a concrete slab? Do you look down at that plain gray canvas and wonder, “what can I do to make this look better?” Whatever state that block of concrete is in, there must be something out there that can enhance the beauty of your patio or porch without breaking the bank, right? One pair of homeowners thought so, and they found the perfect solution for their patio problem.


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Stacey Sanders and Alma Beck would not consider themselves handywomen by any means. They had tackled a couple of DIY projects around their home, located in Pflugerville, TX, but were primarily at the mercy of a professional when it came to home renovations. Like most homes in Central Texas – and much of the United States – Sanders and Beck had a plain concrete slab for their backyard patio, but they were on the hunt for something that would set their outdoor space apart without a huge price tag. After looking at decking, stone, concrete and other materials they discovered composite pavers by AZEK® at the Austin Home & Garden Show.



What are AZEK Pavers?

AZEK® Pavers are a block-shaped product made from 95% recycled composite materials that resist stains and scratches. The pavers are easy to install and come with a 10 year limited warranty and no crack guarantee in residential applications. What sets these pavers apart is the patented grid system that reduces installation time by one–third and takes the frustration out of manually setting and aligning heavy concrete pavers. The grid also acts as a drainage system if your project is exposed to the elements.

Sanders and Beck were impressed with what they saw at the home show so they went online to the AZEK Paver Visualizer and picked out the colors and pattern they wanted for their patio. After inputting the dimensions of the concrete slab, the visualizer created a materials list that the homeowners could take to TimberTown Austin and place their order. Working with TimberTown and AZEK, Sanders and Beck received the pavers and grid system needed to cover their 12’x20’ slab for roughly the same materials cost as a treated pine deck.


Before Renovating Porch

Before and After or Sanders and Beck’s Patio

After Renovating back Porch

How Easy To Install are AZEK Pavers?

Once they had the materials, the homeowners needed an installer. After receiving a bid from a professional that would have doubled the cost of the project, Sanders and Beck decided to tackle this project themselves. They went back to AZEK’s website and downloaded the installation instructions and with little construction experience Sanders, Beck, and another family member finished the project in one Saturday afternoon. “The whole project probably took 5 hours from start to finish”, said Sanders.

The key to the quick installation is AZEK’s grid system, which requires no gluing or screwing while locking the pavers in place. First, you lay down the grid over the concrete slab, then you start laying down your desired pattern. According to Sanders, “Once you have the pattern down, the project was easy, there were very few cuts needed.” When all the pavers are in place, the weight of the pavers keeps the grid from shifting, and the grid is tight enough that the pavers “lock” into place.


Concrete Slab Before

AZEK Paver Benefits

The cost and time savings of AZEK Pavers are considerable compared to traditional outdoor materials like decks and stone/concrete pavers. Plus, these pavers require little or no prep work when being placed on a smooth concrete slab. AZEK Pavers can be used for patios, walkways, resurfacing decks, commercial projects, rooftop decks and even custom driveways. Another great benefit to using these pavers is they are removeable. Since no gluing or screwing is required you can change out colors, patterns, or take the whole grid with you if you move.


Concrete Slab

The Outcome

Both Sanders and Beck are very pleased with how the project turned out. Now their drab slab has been transformed into a relaxing outdoor retreat. Anyone looking to dress up their outdoor space should look into AZEK Pavers. The low cost and easy installation of AZEK Pavers make them perfect for any DIY project on a concrete slab.


Final Product


For more information on AZEK Pavers or other AZEK products you can visit or speak to one of our product experts at any TimberTown location.

See more photos of Sanders and Beck’s patio on our project page.



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