Garapa Hardwood Floors

How To Choose The Best Wood For Your Arbor:

When looking to build an outdoor arbor or pergola there are several different things you must keep in mind. You want to make sure that the hardwood you choose is meant to stand the weather and outdoor pests, such as beetles and other bugs. You will want to…more

Tigerwood Decking

3 Ways To Protect Your Ipe Deck From Any Kind Of Weather

Ipe decking is becoming a very popular choice in North America. The desire for exotic hardwood decking reaches beyond the need for something unique, as more people are being educated on the longevity of exotic wood’s lifespan. Ipe and other South American hardwoods often outlast standard decking options,…more

Hardwood Deck Trim

Making Your Windows Decorative With Hardwood Trim

One of the best ways to accent your home’s exterior is to add hardwood trim to the windows. Windows and windowed doors offer a great place to add accents to your home’s exterior. While vinyl windows are popular, the addition of window trim or shutters is often the…more

Rotten Deck Post

Repair Or Replace: Which One Does Your Hardwood Deck Need?

Deck owners understand that maintenance and inspection of their hardwood deck is the key to ensuring the deck has a long life. If you allow issues to go unattended for long periods of time, the strongest hardwoods will succumb to the elements. Rain, wind, heat, and cold all…more