Enclosed Patio

Should You Add An Enclosure to Your Patio?

So you already have a patio, but you’re thinking about making a few improvements. Or maybe you’re about to add a patio to your property and are trying to decide how far you want to go with the project. Either way you have a big decision to make…more

Family Building Project

Getting Your Kids Involved in Home Improvement Projects

When you have kids home improvement projects can be a little more complicated. Keeping an eye on them while staying focused on your project is easier said than done. One way to work around the conundrum is to get your kids involved alongside you.

Sikkens Stain

Timbertown Austin’s Favorite DIY Things

Got a few home improvement projects on your resolutions list? At Timbertown Austin we are all about DIY – so much so we’ve created a list of our favorite DIY things. Here’s a look at what we’ll be using this year.

Outdoor Projects

Your New Projects for the New Year – Part 2

Last post we discussed several outdoor projects to consider taking on in 2014. Today we’re taking it one step further and laying out everything you need to think about during the planning phases. Right now while it’s cold outside is the perfect time to get everything in line…more

The Woodbook

Why The Woodbook Should be in Your Library

There are dozens upon dozens of different wood types right here in the U.S. Keeping them all straight is a challenge, unless that is, you have a copy of The Woodbook. DIYers and woodworkers alike could spend hours pouring over the 768-page book that takes a close look…more

Outdoor Kitchen

Start Planning Your New Projects for the New Year

Did you make a resolution to get your yard looking better than ever in 2014? Then don’t let any time go to waste! You may not be able to break ground yet, but you can start planning for it. The first part of the planning phase is deciding…more