Outdoor Father’s Day Projects and Gifts

Long before the boom of the suburban era, dads were outdoors, building and fixing all sorts of things. This Father’s Day why not get him something that will support his outdoor and woodworking obsessions?

Here’s a look at our top gift picks for Father’s Day 2014!

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Grilling Tools for Delicious Meals Made Outside

If your dad is outdoorsy chances are good that he already has a grill. Good thing you can never have enough tools for whipping up mouthwatering meals that are made outside. From the simple essentials like heavy-duty tin foil to high tech temp readers there are plenty of ways to fill your father’s barbecue arsenal with usefulness.

If your dad uses a Kamado Joe grill consider getting him the new Kamado Joe Divide and Conquer Cooking System and/or fill a gift basket with a few of the latest wood chunks, chips, rubs and seasonings.

Backyard Soccer Goal

The whole family can have soccer-filled fun on Father’s Day after an hour or two of working away with several simple tools. You’ll need the following:

  • 1 ½” PVC piping, 6 elbows and 4 tees
  • Netting
  • Hacksaw
  • Measuring tape
  • Sandpaper
  • Scissors
  • Cable or zip ties
  • Sandbars (optional)

Once you’ve got all your supplies follow the steps below:

  • Cut the PVC pipe into four 1’ pieces, four 3’ pieces, two 4’ pieces and two 5’ pieces.
  • Sand the ends of all pieces.
  • Use the elbows and tees to fit all the pieces together using a design similar to the one found here.
  • Cut the netting so that it wraps around the exterior of the PVC frame and use the ties to fasten it in place.
  • Trim away the excess netting.
  • Use sandbags to anchor and stabilize the goal.

Garage Organization

An organized garage is a functional garage that can easily double as a woodworking shop and other projects. Pick up some organizational item and get to work helping your dad put everything in its place. Gifts to look for:

  • Pegboards and utility hooks
  • Standing cabinets
  • Racks and/or shelves
  • Specialized racks for tools, bikes, etc.
  • Tools chests
  • Ceiling mounted storage
  • Garden hose containers
  • Storage bins

Today there are organizational options for basically any need. You can opt to buy ready-made organizers or build your own. No matter what it’s best to approach the project with a well thought out plan so you don’t get caught up in all the minute details and how everything will configure together on the big day. For a lot of helpful garage organization tips check out the RobsGarageWoodWorkin YouTube channel.

Wooden Beard / Moustache Comb

Is your dad sporting a mustache or beard this Father’s Day? Then why not make him his very own wooden comb! Not only is a wood comb more attractive and all-around higher quality than plastic alternatives, it also can be personalized to fit your dad’s style. Because it doesn’t require much material springing for the really good stuff won’t break the bank.

You can surprise your pop with a comb you’ve already made or get the materials from the Timbertown Austin scrap selection and make it together on Father’s Day. Just follow the comb crafting directions on Instructables.

If you need wood for your Father’s Day projects give Timbertown Austin a call. We’re happy to help with some fatherly (or motherly) advice on which woods work best for a particular project.

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