Timbertown Austin Facilities is Transformed into a Film Set for a Day

The Timbertown Austin facility is a state-of-the-art lumberyard complete with an oversized warehouse, trucks and of course lots of high quality building materials. It’s an ideal spot for anyone looking to build a deck or outdoor structure. Turns out it’s also a great film location.

Timbertown Austin was recently tapped by local production company Little Wizard Productions to be used as a location for their latest film The Box: Emma’s Journey. “It was a fun experience to see the warehouse get transformed into a film set,” said Timbertown Austin owner Steve Anthony. “Not many people get a behind the scenes look at how a movie is made. We’re happy we could be a part of bringing a family-friendly story to life.”


The one-day shoot took place in the Timbertown Austin warehouse, which was already dressed with stacks of decking and trucks. It was the perfect background for a scene that starred the lead character. Crew members were able to easily set up in the ample space, using the natural lighting that filled the warehouse to illuminate the scenes. It made for an easy, productive day of shooting.

This was Timbertown Austin’s first foray into filmmaking. However, this is the Little Wizard Production’s second project in the last two years.

About the Movie

The Box: Emma’s Journey is a unique tale of a 9 year old orphan trying to uncover secrets about her mother and father after her grandparents leave her a mysterious box. Emma enlists the help of her two best friends as she tracks down information that will hopefully tell her more about the parents she never knew.

Timbertown Transformed into Film Set

The title role is played by newcomer, and real-life nine-year-old, Lainie Corryn. The Box: Emma’s Journey is Lainie’s debut on the big screen. Corbyn Lowe and Casey Charland star as her two friends Danny and Sarah.

The film was written and directed by Mike Manero. Mr. Manero has said that he was inspired to make the film because he wanted to bring back the art of real movie making, especially for a film that’s kid-friendly. “

You can check out a few photos from the film shoot at the Timbertown Austin Facebook page.

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