Top Tips for Enjoying Your Deck at the End of Summer

In Central Texas September is one of the best months for enjoying a deck. The temperature is getting more comfortable, but the days are getting shorter and humidity can be high at times. So how can you make sure you get every ounce of enjoyment out of the last bit of summer? Keep reading!

Deck in the Summer

Tip #1 – Get the Air Moving with a Fan

The best way to beat humidity when you’re outside is to sit near a fan. It may sound a little crazy with fall right around the corner, but installing an overhead fan on the patio could be a great end of summer project. Even if you only use it for a month or so you’ll be able to keep cool for many summers to come. Just make sure to get a fan that’s UL rated for outdoor use to ensure that it can handle the humidity and moisture outside.

Tip #2 – Add Extra Lighting

With each passing day in September the minutes of daylight are going to get shorter and shorter. Sunset will be around 7:53pm at the start of the month, but by the end of it the sun will set around 7:17pm.

To maximize your afternoon relaxation time, consider ways to add in a little extra outdoor lighting once the sun starts to sink below the horizon. Paper lanterns are a great option for adding a touch of soft light that will blend well with the afternoon glow. You can buy large, individual lanterns or strings of smaller ones depending on your lighting design. If you’re adding a fan opt for one that also has a light for even more illumination while you enjoy sitting beneath the breeze.

Tip #3 – Start Looking for Outdoor Furniture

You read that right. Towards the end of September and into October many stores will begin to put outdoor furniture on sale. It’s a great time to snag amazing deals and still get enjoyment out of the purchase before winter sets in. The same holds true for grills and outdoor kitchens. Now that it’s not 100+ degrees cooking over an open flame will be more comfortable and affordable.

Tip #4 – Have an End of Summer Deck Party

Instead of mourning the end of summer have a celebration out on your deck. Get everyone to bring their favorite summer beverage and grill goodies on the last weekend of September or on the Equinox (Tuesday the 23rd), which marks the transition from summer to fall. Go all out with a slip n’ slide, outdoor movie or water balloon fight. Let your inner child take over and have fun with it.

Before you start to winterize your outdoor space give the lumber experts at Timbertown Austin a call for more ideas and projects that improve deck enjoyment at the end of the summer and into the fall.

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