Staircase leading upto House

Dress Up Your Steps

The steps of your deck are one of the most utilized features of your outdoor space. Why not dress them up so they’re just as beautiful as they are functional?

Siding on House

Ideas for Using Architectural Fir

Chances are you’ve seen a Douglas Fir around the holiday season. They are a popular choice for Christmas trees, but it isn’t just an ornamental. Fir also makes a great building material that has a multitude of uses.

Outdoor Deck

How to Stage a Deck to Help Sell Your Home

In areas like central Texas where there are many temperate times to enjoy the outdoors, decks can be a real selling point for a house. That is, if it’s in good condition and staged well. If not, it can be seen as more of an eye sore than…more

Puppy on Deck

Protecting Your Deck and Dog From Each Other

When you build a beautiful deck you want it to be an outdoor space the whole family can enjoy – including four-legged family members. But sometimes our furry friends can spell trouble for our decks and vice versa.

Vines on Deck

How Vines Affect a Deck

Whether you already have vines creeping on your deck or you’re considering which plants you want to add to your outdoor space, it’s important to understand how vines can affect your deck. Though their thin, wispy stems seem fragile over time they can do serious damage.

Underspace Storage

Creating Storage Spaces on Your Deck

When it comes to storage you can never have enough space. Sure your closets, attic and garage probably seem like the best places to squirrel most of your stuff away, but if you’re building a deck you have additional opportunities for creating storage space.

Back Patio Ambiance

Set the Mood with These Beautiful Outdoor Lighting Options

Photographers will tell you that lighting is everything. It can totally transform an area, including outdoor spaces like decks. When you want to set a certain mood or showcase your deck in a new way, consider these lighting options.