Creating a Backyard Shed, Part 1, Materials List – Project

Tired of replacing your lawnmower every couple of years? Are your backyard tools so rusty they look like they’ve been excavated from an ancient Mayan civilization dig? Do you have bags of fertilizer, garden insect spray and other outdoor chemicals for your garden piled-up in a corner of…more

Baby Back Ribs

Two Delicious Kamado Joe Recipes

We’ve done our share of grilling in the past. From little hibachis on the 15th floor patio to large, expensive gas jobs on our ipe decks. Invariably, we return to our Kamado Joe because outdoor cooking with these guys plainly tastes better.

Cleaning Supplies

Environmentally Safe Hardwood Cleaners

It comes on April 22nd this year. Earth Day. While we only celebrate it once every 52-weeks, it may not be a bad idea to try to be “green” as much as possible. A few years back, the Great Lakes were considered dead. Thanks to eco-awareness, these large…more

Red Grill

What’s a Kamodo Joe – Product

Got gas? There’s been a resurgence of gas stoves in the kitchen. Chef’s swear by it. It gives-off an even heat. Electric burners on the top simply don’t get hotter or heat faster than propane.

Tax Graph

Home Renovations and Taxes

America’s tax code. No one actually knows just how many pages are in it. The best we can do is pull some quotes from members of the Congress who have tried to explain the enormity of the thing.

azek deck

FAQ About Azek Decking

Last time around, we told you about a new product that we at Timbertown Austin are pretty excited about. Called AZEK Decking, Easy to install. Durable. None of the issues that you’d encounter with a moderately stable wood like cedar. And it looks pretty sweet after it’s been…more